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MONEY TALKS - Reality show!

Vegas con merchants?

We have some very long days on the computer and youtube gets to fill in some of the gaps,an American friend of mine suggested i watched a show that was airing on CNBC called money talks,it´s about a Vegas h´capper or tout as they are commonly known,the main character calls himself Steve Stevens,his real name is Darin Notaro,a colorful man with an interesting past,Notaro is what the Americans call a felon,for people in the uk,a convicted criminal,in 1999 he was given one year prison sentence for his part in a telemarketing scheme that conned old people out of money by telling them they had won part of a sweepstake,part of the trick was claiming they would be receive their dividend once the tax was paid,it wasn´t the first time Notaro had been in trouble has he was already on probation for similar offenses!

Despite knowing his past CNBC have gone ahead and broadcast the reality show,a spokesman said in a full statement, ``we are aware of Steve Stevens 1999 conviction and while we are very clear in the press release that VIP sports clients risk big dollars in the hopes that Stevens and his agents have the expertise to consistantly deliver winners,viewers should tune in and draw their own conclusions about VIP sports,we are merely betting that viewers will be interested in the world of touts and handicappers and in no way do we endorse Steven´s picks of business model´´.

We have done a little research into what the professionals think of Steve Stevens and VIP sports,Bob Voulgaris who is a big name in NBA betting says, Notaro is a big con artist,anyone claiming to have a 71% strike rate is full of crap,Todd Fuhrman,a former oddsmaker at Caesar´s palace says no one,and i mean no one in the sports betting community as heard of this guy,Bill Krackonberger,of sharp football analysis said, the minute i was alerted to this airing i knew he was a fraud, Wager minds called him a phony, swindler and scammer.

In one episode Steve Stevens claimed to have a strike rate of 71%,he said,i might not get it right every time but i hit 70%,if i ever go three without a win i will kill myself,two ridiculous statements, other contradictions include we have a multi million dollar business and we have about 1500 to 2000 clients per week! If that where true Stevens would be moving the lines big time,Vegas bookies are known for being fickle,if you are a face they won´t be taking any major action from you,in this show Stevens walks in with his so called client and gets them playing 11k on college basketball,it bares belief!

The reason we think the show is interesting is the hustle,it can only happen in America,the obese fat guy running the telesales operation is thought to be an illegal bookmaker from the past named Larry,the way he sells on the phone is amazing,you would have to believe he could offload oil to the Arabs or snow to the Eskimos,this is nothing more than a telesales operation,it´s all about cold calling and the hard sell.

Ff you visit the VIP sport (Vegas) website their is a free tipping service,to get these tips you need to tap in your telephone number and they will get back to you,another tell tale sign of a hustle is the different services available, just take a look at this page  , $29 Action play, $50 VIP play, $250 7 days play, $500 todays owner selection,$2500 7 days owner selections,$2500 Steve Stevens personal play and $25,000 Steve Stevens 4 weeks personal play.

Most Americans i know are clever people,they would never fall for such crap,however,like in every other country these telesales people are good at getting people to agree,the Americans are just a bit better at it with their never say die attitude,it´s a good laugh and well worth watching if you are interested in a bit of sensationalism!!

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