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With the lack of football betting today, we thought it time to do another blog. We have chosen a simple subject called ‘’ Level of Betting’’, so ask yourself were you fit in?. Are you a serial loser who needs to get a life?. A controlled loser who enjoys a punt and treats it all has a bit of fun. The nearly punter who dreams of making it, but can’t quite pull it off. The Semi Pro who’s taking the bookmakers money, or the Ultimate professional who pays for a top lifestyle and can live happily ever after?. 


We won’t use the word addict or beginner, because one’s a sickness while the other is just a starting point. For us a serial loser is somebody who simply isn’t capable of understanding betting, or maybe someone who isn’t willing to learn. These punters usually bet on everything until their money is with the bookmaker. You know the people we mean, the ones who loiter in betting shops all day and shout and throw things at the TV. Unfortunately, these punters can’t call betting a hobby, since they lose more than they can realistically afford. If you pop into your local betting shop the same faces will confront you again and again, the staff bring them a cup of tea and call them by their first name. Others might want to lose the money from their own homes, so they upload funds to internet bookmakers and play the casino’s. You really can’t help these people and they make up 40% of the betting population.


People who lose money on a steady basis, but at least know their limits. We believe a controlled loser is someone who treats betting has a hobby, albeit with the hope of catching a big one. While many have good jobs and education, it doesn’t mean they have the time or are willing to study betting. In fact, we know barristers, architects, city traders, engineers and government officials who are all useless gamblers, and has former bookmakers we’ve been happy to take their money. With that said we believe the majority of people in this tier are probably from an average social background, and they just like to bet for a bit of fun. Bookmakers are best suited by this category of player, because they are higher worth, low risk and don’t give the betting industry a bad name. We estimate these people represent about 50% of the betting public, they are definitely in the majority!


Players who lose money slower than the above, but they still end up at the wrong end of the stick. The nearly punter is someone who’s likely to understand the importance of betting value, but  probably don’t know how to get it. The same people might study racing form, look at team news, and gather a whole load of information from various sources. Nevertheless, they struggle to evaluate what they have at hand, maybe because they fail to understand the maths. While the Nearly punter could possibly learn to become profitable, their is something missing and they ultimately fall short. Maybe their are valid reasons such has lack of time through other commitments, or they might simply not be good enough. We liken these people to a kid who’s been given a football and plays on the park at every opportunity, but unfortunately for him he will probably never be a professional footballer. The nearly punter might represent about 8% of the betting population.


We see the semi professional has someone who is willing to work hard, and who will make a fair profit at the end of the day. While these people might not make enough to enjoy a real living from betting, it’s enough to get bye or gain an extra income. An example of such is traders who are scanning the net for arbitrage, although in our opinion  they can’t call themselves professional punters. For us a semi professional is someone who can source information, and who can do the basic maths. While they might not fully understand Sports modelling or Algorithms, they will at least know the value of using agents for Asian betting accounts. A semi pro is always learning, and they will have control over their emotions. Their will be strategy, focus and a certain level of opportunism. We are of the opinion that these people make up 1.99% of the betting population, and a few of them will make it into the top league.


If you haven’t at least built a villa or two from the proceeds of gambling, you are not there. In fact, we would suggest that gambling has to pay for a very comfortable lifestyle, and their should be a big chunk of money sitting in the bank and other tangible assets. That’s why we are suggesting that maximum one in ten thousand have scaled these heights, and without boasting we are amongst them. To make it to this level you have to be a professor of gambling, since you never stop learning. When others go home after their eight hour stint, the ultimate professional is just warming up. Understanding maths, having a strong engineering and bookmaking background can help understand sports modelling, but it’s not finished there. Hundreds of thousands are spent on maintaining and updating databases. We employ people who are far more intelligent than we are to do the analytics, but at the end it’s the ultimate professional that has the knowledge and the noose to make the big bucks. 


I’m afraid we can’t help the Serial loser on this website, but we should imagine that they don’t visit in any case. If the controlled loser wants to turn it around and they have the patience, they could join our Paid Syndicate Premium Betting Service. If the nearly punter can realise that it’s easier with first class advice, then why not. The same applies to Semi professionals, and we even advise some big Asian syndicates. We don’t hide the face, we want to get richer and you can come along for the ride. We can also supply Asian Agent betting accounts to suitable people. To join our service