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Our Bookie blacklist consists of leading bookmakers we believe should be avoided. These companies are well known to the mass public, but in our opinion don’t deserve custom. Several of these gaming companies are known for being rogues, while others should be charged for misleading advertising. We have added some thoughts on each, but their sis a lot more to say!

WINNER.COM operate using both UK and Malta licenses, but that doesn’t mean they have a good reputation. In our opinion Winner is one of the worst companies out there, because they are simply known for reneging on many payments. One tactic often used by this rogue company is to refuse legitimate identification, and they also close winning accounts without paying.

The fact is we advise both affiliates and bettors to avoid, and if you don’t believe us do some of your own research. Visit leading forum portals such has Casinomeister and Ask gamblers, you will find a large number of customer complaints. Even affiliates have been badly cheated by this Israeli owned company, you can check out GPWA if you want to see Affiliates who haven’t been paid. However, i must warn you that the list is exhaustive.

PS - confiscation and removing bonus is normal with this company. The only punters they want are the ones who lose big money and bring no liability!

We have refused Winners advertising on our site for hard money, because we couldn’t encourage anyone to start betting with them!



We had never been caught out by an Asian found bookmaker, until 188bet. This company gave us a real hard time to collect a decent size payment, and apparently we are not the only ones. .Our story concerns an account with 62K and they became unwilling to pay. We were left fighting the cause for seven weeks, and only after numerous threats and intervention from the Isle of Man gaming authority did we get paid.

Since we are well known in this business bookies don’t normally mess with us. Afterall, they understand we have a far reaching audience, and contact with most licensing regimes. 188bet caused us a lot of unnecessary stress, and we didn’t get paid until after we had made  threats on their license. Even after agreeing to pay they threatened to take litigation against me personally, they backed down with no case!

Since then we received numerous e-mail from others with similar complaints, because we once offered a service to help recover gaming debts. 

In our opinion 188bet are bordering on ludicrous,  and that’s why they are on our bookie blacklist and a company to avoid.



If a bookmaker tells me to go away because i’m winning too much i have no issue. In fact, i understand leisure bookmakers don’t care for winning accounts, and they want to get rid of us.  However, are one of the worst companies for avoiding responsibility, and has such we suggest you avoid this not to trust company from Lithuania.

To be fair Tonybet once had a decent reputation, but that’s not the case anymore. No pay and slow play has become more common since 2015, and if anything they are getting worse. Tonybet have also established a reputation for ignoring e-mails from clients, and they often refuse to pay out. 

On another note, Tonybet request identification on sign up.  This in our opinion is the right thing to do if their is going to be more due diligence. However, that doesn’t stop them acting like East bloc mobsters, and it’s often 2-3 months before they settle. If this company was the last bookmaker on the planet, we would suggest everyone stopped betting!



Found by Austrians who were renowned for shirking payouts. Bet-at-home were quick to market, and they gained a lot from first moment advantage. However, they were never good at paying out, and since Bet Clic/Everest took over things got worse. By that we mean serial losers will be warmly welcome and paid out on time, but anyone who didn’t lose a lot of money first is treated like a criminal!

If go into any German speaking betting forum all you will see is complaints about this company. They are about as trustable as a hungry fox in a chicken pen, and they should be avoided at all cost.



Norbert Teufelberger made a tonne of money out of his Bet and win. However, like with many Austrian owned gaming companies, they soon became a reputation has a bookmaker with an attitude. Winning account holders were quickly stopped from playing, and worse of all they also stopped paying!

B-Win have one of the most ignorant customer supports of all time, and they pick and choose which clients to answer. Very low limits is one aspect of their shady offering, but worse than that they are often accused of stealing from customer betting accounts. Many a player has simply woken up to see winnings disappear, and that’s been particularly the case with Casino winnings. Furthermore, many suggest  their games of chance are rigged (casino) and that they are one of the most untrusted brands on the internet.

If you look through complaints on the internet, you won’t find a company with a big score than B-win. Even since they were acquired by GVC holdings things haven’t improved. 

We would just like to finish with saying they are a rat of a company, and you shouldn’t buy into all their sponsorships of big teams.



If we were awarding a prize for the most two faced company of all time, Stan James would be the winners. In our opinion their TV advertising is deceitful, because they won’t offer a decent bet at the odds they are putting forward.  Furthermore, Stan James have a terrible reputation for slow payouts, and in many cases they simply refuse to pay  at all!

Stan James is a service run by losers for losers. Winning accounts are closed on a whim, and their limits are amongst the lowest in the industry. Unless you the customer is a proven loser, you won’t be welcome to bet with this creepy bookmaker.

And, it’s not just us, since  Stan James have had a terrible reputation in the industry and amongst rival companies. 

Customer service is also appalling, and withdrawals are like getting blood out of a stone. Anyone who tells us they are ahead with these people are lying. Our advice, stay away like a bargepole.



You might be surprised to find Bet Victor on the list, but they have become desperately poor since  Michael Tabor took full ownership in 2014.  

While the founder had a reputation of being gentleman bookmaker, that’s not the case anymore. To be fair even before changing hands Bet Victor was gaining a bad reputation for not taking a bet. And, while Victor himself will like to tell you about the days he took stakes of 500K, it’s all fantasy land for people who like to hear stories! 

In any case, punters are now getting knocked for a tenner. And, for us it’s clear that the sports-book has simply become a front for acquiring casino players.  The Bet Victor of today is criticised for withdrawing bonus from client accounts without reason. They also suffer from complaints regarding slow and no pay!

Only proven losers welcome at this sports book - better not get involved!