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PREMIUM Sports Betting Advisory service!

We have decided to offer our own syndicate bets to a select number of subscribers,they are only suitable for serious professional punters who understand the asian betting market and need to churn a profit,we also supply to Betting funds and syndicates.

To acquire such information we employ specialists in their field and we use many tools and information services,it comes at a cost thus it´s only suitable for pro gamblers!

What you get:

1.First hand information (we don´t employ people who sell services to others)

2.All bets are Asian handicap.

3.Only leading Bookmakers that are easily accessible.

4.You should have access to a brokerage account in order to scrape the best lines.

5.Information will be released throughout the European day.

6.We also cover early and match day market.

7.Number of tips will be circa 100-150 per month (dependent on time of the year).

8.A short description and strength of bet will be given for better understanding and according to volumes available.

9.All bets are football (soccer to Americans)

10.Client confidentiality is 100% assured.

11.You can receive information by e-mail,Skype messenger.

12.We can also arrange Broker accounts with all the leading bookmakers/exchanges (numbered).

13.These are the same bets we will be making for our own successful betting fund.

We would like to reiterate,this is not a service for the average gambler or the person with little knowledge!

Subscription costs €250.00 per month.

For further information,