Arbitrage software is simply an odds comparison tool, albeit unlike with those resources it comes at a cost. We are referring to the likes of websites such has Rebelbetting, Mathbet and Arbhunter. Lets attempt to explain why we believe Arbitrage Betting Services are in the whole uninteresting.

You might have seen various advertisements on the internet promising to make you money from bet trading. These glamorous ads usually start off by highlighting that you can win free money without risking a cent. One of them reads ''turn Sports Betting Into a profitable investment. For just €39 per week or €129 per month we provide betting software which will help you identify arbitrage opportunities.


What they don’t mention and you need to figure out for yourself, arbitrage services sell the same data to anyone who will pay them. That of course means they are creating your competition for you, and then it becomes a race to get on before bookmakers change odds.

On that note, odds change all the time and their are also likely to be betting limits. And, because margins are so small, you need to get enough money on both sides of the equation. 

For example, if you found a tennis match with best odds of 2.02 on each player, a 1000 outlay ''fully laid'' would only bring 10 profit. Furthermore, for that to happen you need to have at least 500 deposited with each bookmaker, and then comes the uncertainty of whether they will accept the bet in full! 


While these websites might suggest you don't need previous betting experience, this is simply not true. 

Yes, they have calculation software to help you do the maths and balance the stake. However, betting logic and understanding bookmakers  comes into play. 

By that we mean their are certain things you need to understand, and we have already covered one in betting limits. Bare in mind, bookmakers keep limits on lesser known sports/leagues very low. 

With regards to stakes, bookmakers employ risk managers to identify arbitrage and winning players, the bigger your stake the easier it is for them. Make no mistake, accounts are quickly limited or closed.

Being a bit sharp and having practical betting experience would also help identify the do's and don'ts. One such example, take the outstanding odds first. By that we mean prioritise taking the odds with the most juice, because the opposing odds should be more clumped/mass and easier to get. 


To be successful at arbitrage trading you need to be in a good position. First and foremost you should be well financed with a betting bank preferably exceeding €30K+. Afterall, you will need to spread this money between as many bookmakers as possible, because it's that which will optimise the opportunity.

With regards to logistics, you also need to factor in legalities. If you are from a country which allows you to bet anywhere in the world, it obviously becomes easier. However, most countries have introduced their own regulation, and that often means betting across borders isn't legal. One such example of that is the UK which restricts residents to betting with UK licensed bookmakers only!


Lets make it crystal clear, in the Sports-betting world arbitrage players are seen has scavengers. These people are not professional gamblers who take risk and work hard at beating the bookmaker, they are simply odds thieves. 

In the animal world a professional punter would be seen has the Lion, in that they are capable of making the kill. While feared by the bookmaker, they are also highly respected for their professionalism. An arbitrage player is seen more like the hyena, in that they feed off the scraps.


Ask me if people can make a living from arbitrage betting, and the answer is sure. Nevertheless, it’s time consuming work with unsocial hours and the rewards are relatively low.

Without wanting to moralise things, we would say everyone needs to decide for themselves. For sure we would take an arbitrage opportunity if it jumped out in our face, but we wouldn't spend our time searching for such opportunities. 


Be better - Professional betting is were it's at!