Our primary aim is to educate and teach people to become better gamblers through well informed blogs, videos and tutorials. While you might have heard negative people say it’s not possible to win at gambling, that’s simply wrong. However, like in all walks of life, you will only get out what you put in.


Adhering to good habits is an important aspect of becoming a successful punter, because without them you will always be a zero. Nevertheless, we don’t care if you have been a loser in the past, or if you are located in Timbuktu. The fact is, an average person can win at gambling if they do things right. And, while that in itself might not make you into a full time professional, it will at least put you on the right track.


When visiting the Betting Analyst Youtube Channel we cover topics such has :


  • Finding betting value
  • How to use Betting exchanges to identify true odds
  • Which bookmakers to use, and which to avoid.
  • Betting online or with high street and retail bookmakers.
  • We  share what to do and what not to do!
  • Tips and tricks of the trade.
  • Common mistakes punters make.
  • Identify your level
  • Self improvement courses
  • Money management and good/bad runs


In fact, we are an open source for information and we are adding all the time. If you are looking for the right motivation, you need to follow us and learn to do things right. We are also offering betting tips a couple of times a week, so their is plenty for everyone.


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