Does a lawyer, builder, dentist, work for free, the answer you are looking for is of course not. In fact, do you work for free, or do you do it for financial reward.

It’s really simple, if you are providing a useful service you should get paid for it.  Afterall, lt’s not meant to be a hobby or an online discussion. Take it from us, being professional gamblers takes a lot of work, knowledge and experience.


Did you know we spend hundreds of hours each week gathering information. We pay for services such has match replays, data services and game reviews. We also pay for our website and outsourced third party services. Last but not least, we provide match and game reports to our clients which take a lot of valuable time.


As you may of noticed, we don’t have any advertising banners on our site. We are not promoting other services, and we give away a lot of tutorials and betting tips for free. If you google our name you will see we don’t have one bad word against us, and that’s because we offer a reliable and honest service which people trust.


With that in mind, we would hope a high proportion of our visitors would join our paid service. It’s normal in life to pay for something which helps you achieve profits. 


From what we have often seen people prefer being bullshitted with promises of ‘’fixed games’’, or 90% win. The truth of the matter is betting for a living isn’t that easy, and these people are clearly scammers.


By joining our paid service you are just sharing some of our costs, we are not getting super rich out of you. Of course, we make most of our income from betting ourselves, and we are happy to pay the burden for that. However, we would really like to reiterate, if you are serious about winning you should at least invest some of your income in supporting our service.


Please note - We have lowered the price for obtaining all our bets to €200 per month and €1500 per year. Or, you can get Football only for €150, Tennis €100, Racing (high profits) €100 and US Sports €50. This is a very fair price to pay for a full service, and it’s not has though you are paying individuals.


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