It's a fact that most people believe bookmakers are rich and living off other peoples stupidity. To be fair this is often the case, and the reason for that is the majority of punters are  leisure players.

We are often contacted by people living in Africa asking if we can help them crack the weekly football pools.  They clearly do this without much understanding, because trying to predict twelve results is nigh on impossible. 

Take into consideration that this is a lottery style bet, so the chances of winning the jackpot are extremely small. While it's true that we might have more betting knowledge than most, bare in mind we choose the games we want to bet. And, that's the thing, professional gamblers choose when and when to not place a bet.

We should also add that if we did offer such a service, the dividend would be extremely small (no value) if we did get everything right. Afterall, it's a pool bet that would be divided by the number of winning tickets. In turn, that means if we told 20 people and they all bet the same,  the divident would be vastly reduced.

We mention the story above has it shows how illogical people can be when it comes to betting. It’s simply naive, the same has people betting without a plan. You know the ones i mean, they can usually stand around in betting shops throwing away their money!


Like in business emotions have no place in betting. If you can’t compose yourself then you should stop, otherwise you will be ruining your own and family life. 

If you are capable of finding profits on your own back then good luck to you. If you are exchanging profitable information with others and they are returning the favour it's great. However …….


You should bare in mind that it’s perfectly acceptable to pay for professional profitable betting advice, and on that note most profitable gamblers do just that. Many tipsters/h'cappers work very hard at gathering information, so like with any job they should be rewarded for time and effort. Ask yourself this, do you get paid to work?. If the answer is yes, why would you expect someone to work for you for free?. 

Their are many pitfalls in betting and most people can’t beat the bookmaker. With that said, you can certainly help yourself by doing things right. One example of such is searching for the best odds. If you are just betting at whatever odds then you are going to be a ‘’loser’’. On that note, maybe you have heard the saying ''you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it''. That’s no different to a tipster giving out profitable information and the subscriber not finishing the job by obtaing the best odds!


Their are a lot of fallacy’s in betting, and the above is a small part. We just want to say that without working on yourself and gaining knowledge, you will become to bookies best friend!