Have you ever been in a betting shop and seen a regular punter given a free cup of coffee and biscuit? What about people who frequent betting forums and brag about bookmakers giving them free bets. You know what these people have in common? - they are all losers!

Get this part very clear, betting companies are only interested in one thing, and that is getting hold of your hard earned money. The reason betting companies and casino’s give free ‘’gifts’’ is to create customer loyalty, and not because they believe you are a stellar person!


To be honest, we have absolutely no problem with bookmakers doing such. Afterall, it’s a simple marketing technique, and good business to look after your main income quell. Furthermore, it’s no different to a restaurant giving a drink on the house, or a car dealership giving a free oil change. 

In the gaming and betting industry, when someone loses 100k at a Vegas casino they are likely to be given an hotel room and a nice meal for free. Some bookmakers create loyalty programs by giving points for prizes, and in our opinion that’s no different to airlines offering frequent flyer programs. The only difference, if you lose 50K to your bookie, compensation might be a flat screen TV. Whereas, spend 20K on flights and you could get one for free!


The thing to make very clear, bookmakers are not your friend. In fact, they are your bloody enemy and you need to remember this part. The fact is, you bet to win their money, and they accept your bets because they want to win your money. 

On a side note, we are not here to openly criticise bookmakers, and to be honest we have sat on the other side of the fence. In fact,  at one stage of my life i was the youngest person in the UK to hold a betting licence, albeit i prefer to believe course bookmakers are more noble than shop/online operators.


Have you ever watched US shark tank? One of the investors Kevin O’Leary regularly states he hates the competition. In fact, he once told viewers that he wanted to kill the competition and poor acid over their head! Of course the billionaire meant kill the company, and not the person. 

This is exactly the way we feel about leisure bookmakers, we detest them! The reason for that is they are the biggest cry babies when they lose, and they will refuse bets from anyone with a bit of knowledge.

On a personal note, i can tell you that i have been banned or heavily limited by every online bookmaker in the UK. And, that’s also been the case when betting with European betting companies. In fact, i was once limited to €5 with Bwin following just two small bets, and trying to even get in a Bet Fred shop is more difficult than breaking into Buckingham Palace.

In short, any winning punter is going to encounter these problems, and it’s the biggest challenge for professional gamblers.


If you live in a big city and want to place bets on the high street, send runners to do the work for you. Of course it’s ducking and diving, but by employing village idiots you can camouflage bets for a while.

If you want to bet online, get people to open betting accounts for you. A colleague of ours (live trader) pays people 500-800 quid to open accounts and provide the bookies with documents. He averages winning 15-25K per account (Bet365 - Whill - both soft touch) before limitations and closure. 

Alternatively, buy peoples accounts who have been losing. They will have higher limits, and that should make life easier. In fact, if you can get hold of VIP accounts, chances are these people lost more than 30K! By using these you can often bet 1800 to 2000 on a horse race, whereas under normal circumstances 200 to 300 would be high!


If you are capable of winning by betting rather than trading, then it’s going to be the so called Asian handicap bookmakers for you. Rather than go into detail in this betting accounts closed blog, go read our Tutorial called Successful sport-betting - tips & tricks


Winners need to adapt quickly, and make sure they have a plan. To keep betting accounts open longer, try to understand what the bookmakers philosophy. Best is win a bit from each rather than go for the jugular!

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