As a Professional sports-betting service with a large following, we feel obligated to inform site visitors and subscribers about  bookmaker rogue activity. On that note, over the past few years we have been getting an increasingly high number of complaints about the same owned 10bet and Premiumtradings. Below, you will find reasons for our decision to blacklist this wrong one!





10bet Casino/Sportsbook are UK registered companies licensed by the UK Gambling commission. More is 10bet have the same beneficial owner (Avi Shemesh) has Premiumtradings. The structure includes Bellona N.V (Curacao)  and Delasports (Gibraltar) among others. To the best of our knowledge, the front man is a so called Adam Woods!


10bet run many skins, some are active while others have disappeared. Here is the list we have at hand, you might want to be aware of  377bet, baymavi, betfinal, betfirst, betfoot, bethard, betive, betolay, betrally, betsat, betstars, betvision, comeon, fun88, ganabet, jbet, jenningsbet, jojobet, justinbet, knockout,, matrixbet, mobilbet, netbet, norgesspil, odeonbet, ole777, paradisewin, propawin, realdealbet (closed after ripping-off clients), redbet, redzonesports, royrichie, rubet, sekabet, setanta, spilleautomater, suomivegas, superbetin, sverigekronan, tlcbet, winmasters. 


WARNING - many of the skins have a bad reputation for paying, it runs together with 10bet and a number of other betting companies!. You should also note, most are licensed in Curacao which means you won’t be able to pursue them legally! 


10bet operate both a sports book and casino, for the latter they use Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, GamesOS/CTXM, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Play'n GO, iSoftBet, Gameplay Interactive and Pragmatic Play software.





As many of you should know, most bookmakers offer affiliate programs. When customers sign up using a link/banner, the website/blog owner receives a share of revenue generated from their losses.  A working example is, bookmakers listed on the odds comparison page have a deal has previously mentioned.


GPWA is probably the best known forum for betting affiliates. If you visit that site and search 10bet, you will see many complaints.


10bet are reputed in the trade for walking away (reneging) from affiliate agreements. In fact, many Israeli owned bookmakers/affiliate programs treat affiliates this way. By not paying earned revenue share, companies like this are stealing millions from partners each year.


Here is a GPWA forum link, see for yourself how they walk away from obligations!





Take note  ‘’Rule 23’’ of the 10bet terms and conditions (below). It gives 10bet the ‘’supposed’’ right to interpret rules how they wish. And, that’s how they avoid paying clients legitimate winnings!


We have recently been shown proof from a 10bet client that they refused to pay 6401.26 winnings. It is marked has a ‘’manual deduction’’, and reason given was collusion. Basically, the 10bet terms and conditions mean they can quote whatever they wish, and refuse to pay winnings!


We would just like to point out this is not a one-off. If you visit Ask Gamblers / Trust Pilot you will see many complaints about the antics of 10bet. They are reputed for dragging out payments, and we would certainly challenge their right to ask for excessive and private  documentation. 


The irony of it all, 10bet claim ‘’We would like to confirm that we have solid internal evidence which unfortunately cannot be provided to you due to GDPR’’. The obvious question, why can’t they provide such details, and the reason is they are making it up!


Here is the rule which just about covers 10bet for not paying anything:



Fraud and Collusion: 


  1. A number of bets may be treated as being one when a Customer places multiple copies of the same bet. When this occurs all bets may be voided apart from the first bet struck. A number of bets that contain the same single selection may be treated as being one. When this occurs all bets may be voided apart from the first bet struck. An example would be where 1 particular selection is repeatedly included in Multiple bets involving other short-priced selections.
  2. Where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same (or very similar) selection(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate or individuals, 10Bet reserves the right to make bets void and suspend relevant accounts. This rule applies to both settled and unsettled bets.
  3. If you have played in a professional capacity, or in tandem with other Customer(s) as part of a club, group, etc., or placed bets or wagers in a coordinated manner with other Customer(s) involving the same (or materially the same) selections; in this instance we further reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to restrict the total maximum pay out for the combined total of any such bets, to the equivalent of the Maximum Daily Payout limit permitted for a single Customer (as outlined at section 21 above). 10Bet is for sole use on an individual basis and for personal entertainment only.
  4. 10Bet allows only one account per person. Any subsequent accounts opened under the same postcode/personal details/IP address that are found to be related to any existing account may be closed immediately and any bets will be voided at 10Bet's discretion. 10Bet reserves the right to reclaim any winnings attained by these means and we reserve the right to withhold all or part of your balance and/or recover from your account deposits, pay outs, bonuses, any winnings that are attained by these means.
  5. Your play shall be reviewed for irregular betting patterns. Irregular betting shall mean: (1) equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting by placing multiple bets; and (2) placing multiple bets in order to circumvent any maximum bet limitation (as shown on the betting slip or as agreed with 10Bet). In case 10Bet identifies an irregular betting pattern, we may: (i) void all of the Customer’s bets which are linked to irregular betting, except for the bet placed first; or (ii) cancel any bonuses or promotions applied to your account and remove any subsequent winnings relating to the bonus or free bet.





Why would anyone in there right mind bet with this bookmaker. If you are in any way a winner they will renege on paying. It’s standard practice to remove winning clients, and they do it in a dirty under handed way. We would like to reiterate 10bet have all those skins, and many of them simply closed shop!






In their own words, Premiumtradings is a unique betting brokerage established by some of the pioneers of the online sports betting industry.  And, taken from their website ‘’If you have had enough with being constricted by limits or with being restricted or banned for winning, our PremiumTradings service is the solution you are looking for!


For the record, betting brokers provide anonymous betting accounts with leading Asian handicap bookmakers. We use them all the time, and some of our associates have had accounts with Premiumtradings - more on that later!





Over the past year we have received several complaints about the practice of PremiumTradings. And, following recent complaints about sister company 10bet, we feel it’s time to add them to the black-listing. Here are some reasons why we have taken this decision to blacklist PremiumTradings:


Lying to get big accounts (the story)


A friend we have known for many years found limits on some leagues had decreased. He was wrongly advised by a friend that Premiumtradings could offer higher limits, so he duly contacted them. PT  said they could offer bigger limits(we have the mail), which clearly isn’t true!


For the record & understanding


Sports-books decide limits and not the broker/agent. Since most agents offer the same list of bookmakers/exchanges, brokers such has  PremiumTradings can’t offer more than other agents. 


While we give our friend some blame for not applying logic, this was deceit from a company renowned for such antics. The fact is,  PremiumTradings couldn’t deliver on the promise they made, so the customer decided to ask for his money back. Fortunately for him he only deposited 7K for testing purposes. Nevertheless, they charged him €420 for withdrawing the balance, and that was after taking another €160 from his initial deposit. Yes, they lied to him and charged €580 for the experience.


Hidden Terms & Conditions


In our opinion, PremiumTradings are a devious company with hidden ‘’terms and conditions’’. Surely they should feel obligated to point out any costs involved. If you visit the page of PremiumTradings, it will take and age to find the ‘’hidden’’ terms and conditions, because they are at the bottom of a very slow loading page.


If you don’t believe us go check out the landing page for yourself What you will see is the usual headings at the top (About Us, Tools, Services, Transactions, Promotions and Contact us), followed by integrated bookmaker odds! At the very bottom you should find T&C’s


On reading, you will see there is a charge of 2-3% for deposits under 10K. And, then comes clause five:


5. In case you decide to close your betting accounts for any reason or make a full/partial withdrawal of your available funds, you need to make sure you have accumulated a total activity of at least 10 times the amount of each of your deposits. Otherwise, PremiumTradings reserves the right to charge you with an administrative fee which varies between 3-10% of the deposit amount.


This is clearly bad practice, and that’s especially the case when they lied to get the account!






Back in 2017, PremiumTradings got involved in a nasty case when they tried to avoid paying a sub-agent a very large (€265K)  amount of money. This left the Sub Agent owing his clients, a very dangerous scenario. When reporting this, the person took a user name Omer87. His english, not ours……. 


‘’When I woke up on 15th of February, in the morning, I saw that 265000€ had been taken from my pinbet88 (Pinnacle) account. When I asked PremiumTradings, they told me that they took it according to their T&Cs. I told them that this rule doesn't exist and we don't have such a rule in our contract. They did not make so much explanation about this issue. 


Full text with other comments can be found on Sportsbookreview


At the time, Premiumtradings cited limits of €50,000 a day (terms & conditions) for not paying. However, like already mentioned, it’s bookmakers who set limits per click and 50K  in the betting broker world is a paltry sum.  For the record, Pinbet888 is the agent account of Pinnacle sports, and this is what they quote on the Pinnacle website:


Pinnacle Winners Welcome policy, meaning that no matter how much or how often a bettor wins, they are always welcome to bet again. Additionally, we offer the highest limits online - our volume based model means we are happy to take bets of up to $1,000,000.





One of our professional gambler friends once had an account with Premiumtradings, and has per requested they set up direct betting accounts with Pinnacle, IBC, ISN and SBO. 


After placing a few bets, he noticed the odds were a pip or two shorter than by betting directly with the bookmaker. On asking, they commented ‘’oh you wanted grade one odds?, we set your account at grade two’’. Suffice to say they were pocketing the difference themselves!


What can we add to that - they are thieves, cheats, liars, deceitful or do you have a better description?




The last thing we would like to say about 10bet. If you are losing a load of money to them they will pay winnings no problem. Reason, they want more of your cash and they will choose the best way to get it out of your pocket. Nevertheless, the owners and people running this operation are not trustworthy, and there are many better options.


With regards to PremiumTradings, they give a bad name to the betting brokerage world. We know considerably more about them than we can mention here, and the reason for withholding this information is because we are contemplating challenging the same owned 10bet license.