Are you located in Nigeria, preferably Lagos? Are you serious about betting? Would you like to work with a professional betting syndicate?

If the answer is yes, get in touch and tell us why we should work with you? 


Please understand, we have a betting syndicate partner in Lagos. While it’s not a good basis for a discussion,  accept there will be no chance to scam us. 




What we need to know is the following! 


1. Are you in Lagos (we have a partner there) 


2. Which betting companies are best for the bonus/odds (we know the answers - it’s a test) 


3. What extraction method can we use for taking the bookies money?


4. Which companies allow skrill and still give bonus!


5. What sports are the main focus? 


6. Do you have excel records to prove you are into sports-betting?


7. Can you send a list with bookies bonus with website address! 


8. Can you provide list of clones! 


9. Your level of English and communication should be good!


10. You have one chance to impress us - and that starts with a first mail to admin@betting-analyst.com



Please note the following prerequisites -


- You can take direction, meaning you do as your asked


- The name on your e-mail is same has on your ID card


- Anyone writing an e-mail with the word ‘’interested’’ or any other stupid ‘’one-liner’’ will be out! You have to answer the above questions and show us you understand what we are after!


- We will only answer e-mails that convince us you could be the right choice!


The reward for the right person is a lot more than you are making now!




PS - We will remove this blog shortly, and more quick if the level of interest is poor!