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What type of punter are you?

We should start off by identifying what type of punter are you, the chances are a losing one?


The good news is their are a few things you can do about it:


1. The first is stop betting!


2. The 2nd is Learn & earn!




Before you start thinking i will never beat the bookmaker, take into consideration:


1. Bookmakers make odds for every race


2. Plenty of competition amongst bookies- Open multiple accounts benefit from odds discrepancy!





It’s generally accepted 99% of punters are losing ones. However,


We see it slightly different, our breakdown:


95% of punters are serial losers - they are known has leisure players - you often see them in betting shops


4.8%  hold themselves - They are thereabouts


0.199% can churn a very decent profit, make a living! (2/1000)


0.001% are the big winners (1/100,000)


By this we mean syndicates, or people making a million or more






Why 95% people lose (leisure):


Bet for fun


Don’t understand betting/odds (like TV pundits)


Bet on everything, chasing glory!


Compulsive /addicted gamblers/chasers


No home work / research


Limited time


It’s going to be hard to get them on the right path!




The 4.8%


They clearly have a feel for the game


Maybe time restrictions (i.e. working).


Bit short on self esteem 


Need to invest more financially to get tools/info


Haven’t found niche 


  • pro betting - Can read a game, identify odds.
  • value -  Mopping up the over odds (another video)
  • Arbitrage - no risk




The 0.199%


Chances are they are value betting or working the arbs!

Buy to sell, sell to buy

Certainly understand odds

Got the betting accounts in place

Have a strong work ethic


What’s stopping them breaking into the top 1/100,000


Maybe happy with what they have.

Still building financial resources

Lack network to get more bets/accounts




The Elite 0.001% have figured it out.


They have everything in place

All the tools

All the information

Sports modelling

Trading apps

Financial resources

Tony ‘’Lizard’’ Bloom /Smartodds (Benham)



Our Challenge

We are in it to help the 4.999%, even though top syndicates pay us for services!


What you need


Time - decide semi/full pro

Understand betting is about the odds (don’t take poor value)

It’s a long term game!

Betting bank in place - need enough money to fund multiple accounts.

Betting accounts with soft bookies/low exchange commission/agents - get others to open

Resources - betting information  

Tools - dependent on what suits you!

Self belief / commitment - I can do this mentality speaking!



What you don't need


Avoid forums

Betting shop banter

Distance yourself from the crowd


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