This is a great time to become a professional gambler. Are you ambitious enough to become a bookmaker killing machine!




Most soft bookmakers and Casino owners are scum. They want your money pure and simple, and they won’t lose sleep when someone can’t pay the rent or feed the family.


Bookmakers are the main beneficiaries of gambling addiction, and they have built systems to get players hooked. Morals aside, bookmakers are enemy number one, and it’s our job to extract money from them!


People like us have made it a life time ambition to beat these villains, and Betting-analyst has been helping others do the same. If you are ambitious enough to succeed, check out our tutorial page and learn!





Complacency is one of the main reasons punters lose to bookmakers. With that in mind, it’s astounding intelligent people are losing big money to bookmakers. I know of many successful business people who lost everything to bookmakers and casinos! 


If you ever want to see a herd of losers just visit your local betting shop. Those on first name terms with shop staff are almost certain to fit into that category. 


While it’s not nice to say it, we as professional gamblers need the mass of punters to lose. Afterall, it’s leisure players who set the market for pro-gamblers to take money at the other end.





Most punters can be filed under ‘’useless’’, because they don’t understand the first thing about betting. For them, looking at the league table is enough to form an ‘’expert’’ opinion.


Irrational punters can often be seen making long accumulators in the hope of catching a big win. In this instance, odds are stacked worse than playing the national lottery. 


Being addicted is even worse, and it even happens to knowledgeable punters. Chasing losses and betting for the sake of it are signs of a problem gambler.


I could write a book on silly punter statements, but one which stands out is 10,000% (percent) certain winner. The maximum chance of anything happening is 100%, and even that number is rare in sports-betting!


We have tutorials covering being realistic, we won’t get into more detail here. However, one you might want to check out is:


You will fail at sports betting if you don’t avoid these 10 pitfalls. The written tutorial can be found here, or the video here






We hope to benefit from the enforced break. It’s given us time to make changes and prepare even more for the future. We have been focusing on the professional side of our business, meaning ..



Making plans for the website


From now on, the Betting-analyst.com website will be used more has a information portal and contact point!  


We will reduce the number of free betting picks on the site, because quite frankly they attract the wrong audience.


However, we will continue to offer betting services to paying subscribers, who in turn will benefit from our increased activity.


The site will have much more informative blogs and tutorials, and we will also add motivational and training video’s! 


In short, the site is going to target professional gamblers, and those who want to be.  



Betting Consultancy


Putting deals together is a big aspect of our business, and finding solutions is what we do best. Did you know we where the first to get bookmakers betting licenses in places such has Malta and Gibraltar. We are leaders in quantitative and algorithmic sports trading, and we are going ‘’all-in’’ with out sports-modelling.


Through our extensive global network we are able to provide solutions for individuals or organisations. For those who qualify we offer personalised (1-2-1) training,  and mentoring schemes. 


In short, we are ramping it up!





We are the best-connected network of sports betting professionals in Europe, and we are networking harder than ever to improve our highly influential contact base. 


By building strong relationships we have it all covered!!


If you offer any service which is interesting, we should talk admin@betting-analyst.com 



Tools of the game


We have wide knowledge of sports modelling, algorithms, data mining, scraping & bet placement tools, and we are continually synchronising our in-house operation. Thus we are making further investment in our systems and staying ahead of the game!



Tutorials + Blogs


You might have noticed, we have been adding tutorials and blogs to the website for public use. For those interested, we have also been doing more video’s on our Youtube channel. 


The plan is to spend free time adding more tutorials, which in turn will help people become professional gamblers. As they say, watch this space!


PS - join our 1-2-1 personalised trainingif you have what it takes - admin@betting-analyst.com 







Everyone has a different level of betting skills, so it would b wrong of us to generalise about what you should be doing! Nevertheless,  we have a few suggestions for those wanting to get into professional sports betting.



Reverse engineer performance


Key for any successful sports betting professional is to know your weakness, not your strength. If you have been keeping a track on results, delve into them and find ways to improve performance. 


Identify performance in varied sports and leagues. Cross check data and see what’s working and what’s not. After checking results, consider ways to improve your staking plan.


Also, consider performance with various bookmakers, you might find a few points of the future. On that note..



Better prepare for the future


Research sport results and search for any bias. Examples of what we mean in:


Football, Home/Away bias. How VAR changes goal expectancy. Player stats/injury affect. Booking bias (home / away). Starting formations. Referee performance. Travelling distances, plus loads more.


Tennis, checking performance factors.  How individuals play against big hitters/defensive players. Injury affects. Surface/Tournament expectancy. Court speed. Timing/Preparation between tournaments. Travel affect. Weather condition performance. 


Watch video’s of past games, read tutorials, look up stats,  get more into the zone!



Prepare Data


Do simple things like writing excel tables (data base if you are good) for collecting future data, can include:



* Odds taken vs closing lines.


* Timing of bet


* Market volatility


* Performance vs result


* Time of goals (good learning for in-play!



More advanced gamblers


If you consider yourself upto speed, why not use the time to better improve your knowledge of:


* Statistical models


* Data management


* Quantitative modelling


* Trading psychology


* Use of APIs 


* Betting strategy


* Bookmaker research 


* Execution - getting on


* In Play


* Value betting beats arbing!



Whatever your level, it’s important to understand results come through effort. Without putting in the time, you don’t deserve to win!



Ready to invest in your future, could you benefit from learning more? - Gt on the right track admin@betting-analyst.com