People bet for a variety of reasons. Most important is finding what suits you best, here we go…




Do you enjoy having the occasional bet for a bit of fun? Adding an additional layer of excitement to the viewing experience is a part of recreational gambling! 


Many punters don’t understand the mathematics behind betting, and nor do they need to. Controlled recreational gambling isn’t a life changer, and there is nothing wrong with putting a tenner on your favourite football team. People having a day out at the races will want a small interest, because it’s all part of the fun!





When the fun stops, stop gambling!


Unfortunately, the betting industry creates many problem gamblers, and it’s often guilty of getting people addicted. To be fair, many national gaming authorities bought in legislation to stop betting & gaming companies from taking advantage of the vulnerable. All the same, it remains a problem and if you are being negatively affected by gambling you need to get help!


For those with a problem gambling, here is a link to the UK Gamblers Anonymous. For those in other countries, just google ‘’help with problem gambling’’


Quickly moving on to more positive categories….





It’s a misconception that you need deep knowledge of sports-betting to make money from bookmakers. While being a betting expert will give other options, a simple understanding of arbitrage and value betting is enough to churn out a profit!


The key to succeeding with arbitrage and value betting is to understand betting odds.  With that in mind, you will need to learn how to read bookmakers odds and use the market to take advantage!


If you are capable, Arbitrage betting guarantees profit. In this instance, you are only betting when the odds are in your favour. For example …


Getting odds 2.05 on both sides of a coin flip is enough to guarantee a profit. By placing 100 on each side of the coin winning, you would be guaranteed a 205 return for a total of 200 staked. In this instance, your profit would be 5 profit or 2.5% ROI. 


Value betting carries some risk, but if executed right it’s more profitable than arbitrage betting. Lets use another throw of the coin to give an example.  


Imagine being offered odds of 1.95 heads and 2.10 tails, the value bettor would simply take 2.10 tails. Afterall, the real odds of both heads and tails is  2.0 2.0 (50% 50%). 


What makes the value player more profitable is they won’t cover the bet with lower than real odds. In this instance, arb players would be giving 5 cents back by taking the 1.95.


Someone following both principles should take the outstanding odds has a value bet. And, only arb when they can take advantage on both sides of the bet!



We did a video Profit from Sports Betting strategies and Value betting you can watch here:






Are you a sharp, by that we mean do you have more knowledge than the bookmaker? If the answer is yes, setting your own odds becomes an option.


As highly efficient professional gamblers, we use data driven sports modelling to calculate odds. By doing so we are literally taking the bookmakers on at their own game. 


If you are able to produce high probability accuracy, bets are decided by what perceived value. 


In short, when you have higher implied probability compared to the odds available, you have the edge!


Making your own odds will need an higher skill set! If you want to test yourself, use a single sport such has Tennis or college football (Ncaaf). See how you progress, and take it from their!






Use a lawyer to interpret law and protect your interests. It’s fair to suggest a doctor is able to understand your ailment better than a mate. And, a professional betting service is able to give you betting tips which make profit!


Whether you agree or not, a specialist will do better than a layman. And, while many people selling betting tips are cowboys/dreamers/bullshitters, there are plenty who supply profitable information.


Like with any business proposal, judge an offer for it’s viability. Understand what you are getting, and reverse engineer to fathom out likely return.


Many professional gamblers and betting syndicates use outsourced services for tips/picks/h’cap services. If it fits into what you are doing, it’s an add-on to your portfolio. Anything which gives an extra edge is  beneficial, just look for services which suit you!





If you can make money from trading/arbing/value betting fantastic! Nothing wrong with beating the bookmakers by taking advantage of odds deficiencies. 


However, using bought-in tools to point out ‘’arbs’’ or ‘’value bets’’ doesn’t necessarily earn the title ‘’pro gambler’’. To help  understand levels better, we give some target comparisons…


Playing for your local pub at football will keep you fit = In the betting world, you are a ‘’fun player’’.


Getting paid to play for a low league team while working at the post office is commendable = This is the same has finding a few arbs, the beer money is in!


You could improve and become a full-time football pro and get paid a livable wage = Value bettor with decent income!


Playing in the championship (2nd) league brings a serious salary, the wife is proud = You are arbing, value betting, buying-in tips and making a very nice living!!


Playing top (premier) league football with a big salary = Built trading systems. Have others on the payroll. Have in-house sports-modelling. Big business with potential  outside investment. The litmus test, you are clearing 200k to 500K a month in profit!


The Messi/Ronaldo of betting = Big betting syndicate with £30M+ annual profit






Bonus abuser (£200-500 pm)

Arbitrage hunter (pre match £500 to £1500 pm) 

Value player (pre match £1500 to £5000 pm) 

Arbitrage hunter (in-play £3k to £10k) 

Value player (in play £10k to £50k) 


The Roll:


Tip/Pick analyst (start building)➝ Self bet finder (single league/sport - DIY) ➝ Bet finding (more leagues done the other stuff) ➝ Sports modelling (single sport - testing) ➝ Sports modelling (many sports - need others to program/help) ➝ In play betting (own finds - bet placers doing the job) ➝ betting syndicate (putting it together) ➝ Major betting syndicate (£5M + per year profit) ➝ Elite betting syndicate (£30M+ annual profit). 





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