In this 5 part series, bookmakers who don’t pay - avoid at all costs! We are adding a list of gaming companies who simply won’t pay without adding pressure!  We have had multiple complaints about each, and we are helping several people recover these outstanding debts. 


Before reading this blog series we should point out these bookies are all licensed in proper gaming jurisdictions. We are not referring to bookmakers who are set up for the black market such has 1XBET or Coolbet etc - Avoid them too!


These bookmakers are notorious for making payouts extremely difficult, and you should be warned. Lets start with Italy’s worst, Planetwin365!





Amongst many gaming professionals, the nickname for Austrian gaming company Planetwin365 is Mafia! 




Back in November 2018, more than 60 former and existing board members of Planetwin365 where charged with Italy’s biggest money laundering operation ever! Amongst those arrested where the four founders of the company, namely Paolo Carlo Tavarelli, Ivana Ivanovic, Giuseppe Decandia and Paolo Sipone. For those interested in reading a short report,  more information can be found on this occurs.org website link!  




The main focus of Planetwin365 is the highly lucrative Italian betting shop market. Like with other European countries, a Maltese betting license was acquired for the purpose of taking bets through local agents (franchise partners). To make a long story short, SKS365 operates in the Italian market through SKS365 Malta Unlimited is holder of concession (n° GAD15242 and of concessions n°72002 and 4584 for its retail network). Recently, lawyer Massimiliano Mora was appointed the new head of compliance. Mora formerly with Stanleybet has plenty of practice at keeping companies out of trouble!




Planetwin365 are not just known for mafia links, they are also identified has one of the most difficult payers in the industry. Over the course of the last two years we have received many ‘’no pay’’ reports from this company, and most recently we where incensed by the following complaint…


Circa ten weeks ago we where informed of a case in which Planetwin365 refused to pay a client €7k legitimate casino winnings.  Despite having already cleared KYC procedure at the funding stage, Mr Napoli (changed name) was asked to supply further verification documents when he wanted to take his winnings. While that is standard bookmaker practice, he’s complied 100% and still gets the runaround.


After sending in further documentation, three days later he received an email saying they needed more documents. We have seen the documents he sent, and according to our contact within the MGA we where told they are more than enough. For the record, he initially sent a copy of his (state) ID card with him holding it, and three supporting utility bills. 


Planetwin365 refused the documents, and they told him they needed further proof of residency. At a self cost of €30, and a wait of 15 days, he received and sent  this government document to Planetwin365, and they still refused. While telephone calls fell on sympathetic ears, the compliance department again refused to settle this outstanding debt!


Next they asked for a passport, a silly request considering only 15% of Italians own a passport. For the record, a passport is not necessary to travel within the EU! He said he wasn’t going to wait two months to get a passport, so he sent a drivers license . They still refused to pay, and now they don’t even answer!


This has been going on for three months, and no doubt Planetwin365 are just being very awkward hoping he goes away. No doubt in our minds we will eventually be able to extract this payment for the client, but it just goes to show prospective clients what will happen if they win!


Policy of Planetwin365 is clearly don’t pay if they can avoid it. 





At the end of the day, we can’t send the boys around to collect. However, what we can do is warn others, and prepare a case and publicity against Planetwin365. We will inform our 120,000 followers, and send the files to the MGA. Furthermore, while I’ve been told by my contact in the MGA they can’t get directly involved, they  are willing to let the directors (key official) that they received such a complaint from a high authority!. 



Ps - If you have anything which can help our pursuit of Planetwin365, please send information to admin@betting-analyst.com