The main target markets for Dafabet are the highly lucrative but illegal China and Vietnam. Despite being pursued by the Chinese authorities, Dafabet are in possession of licenses from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and UKGC (United Kingdom gaming commission). Are the UK authorities carrying out a proper due diligence?. From our understanding, the owners and directors are wanted criminals in certain parts of the world!




Dafabet are rogue traders, a bunch of cheats who found a way to circumvent the law.  They have avoided paying millions in winnings, so all-in-all a morally bankrupt company. Let me just add, sponsoring a few football teams for publicity doesn’t make this a serious company! A recent email we received confirmed these people will do anything to avoid payment!




Mr Sankoh contacted us to vent frustration at not being paid his £1800 balance from Dafabet. Incidentally, £800 was his initial deposit, so the actual winnings are just £1000. The reason  Dafabet are giving for not paying is he can’t prove he was in work at the time! Let´s make this clear, Dafabet where happy to take his deposit and they laid his bets!


On Mr Sankoh´s behalf we called the UKGC. .....


Wendy who answered the phone confirmed there is no obligation to be employed before funding a betting account. She also said if they took a deposit, they should honour paying the balance!  Wendy added the UKGC won’t intervene in individual cases, but they will accept official complaints. We where also told we have the option to take Dafabet to court, and any verdict would be considered!!


Take a read of this part from an e-mail sent to Mr Sankoh:


´´Unless you can offer any explanation to the contrary, we are left with little option other than to finally conclude that it has in fact not been possible for you to support your previous statements, as you did not hold employment during the period in question?





Is this some sort of a joke? - Are Dafabet lawmakers? The UKGC clear state that once a betting company accept a deposit, the due diligence is complete!





Mr Sankoh has been refused payment for the past seven months. And, he’s not alone with this issue, we and others received numerous complaints about  Dafabet´s refusal to pay. Furthermore, this policy was confirmed to us by a former employee we contacted over Linkenin, and since we started our exploration into this company many things have come to light!





Visit thepogg.com, you will see Dafabet refuse to pay many account holders. Sportsbookreview reported non payment of €48,669 winnings, they have other cases on site. On Trustpilot there are 68 Dafabet complaints on just one thread. Pissedconsumer, ask gamblers, Forumserver and arbusers are other sites who report Dafabet refusing to pay!




Dafabet limit winning accounts quickly, and they often pull the palpable error ruling to renege on bets. If you believe this bookmaker is worthy of your support, they will change your opinion if you start winning!




Be warned - Unless you like losing money, or not get paid winnings stay away from this bunch of misfits. We are working with a lawyer to recover Mr Sankoh´s money, watch this space when the court rules he’s going to get paid!


If you have any information on Dafabet, please get in touch with us at admin@betting-analyst.com . Our subscribers and social media following need to be warned, and if you want to be part of a class action against this illegitimate practice we should talk!