Invest in Sports Betting. Even with little knowledge, anyone can profit from Sports-betting. By doing things right, you can learn and earn from the word go!


Professional Sports betting is independent of prevailing economic conditions. In fact, it’s recession-proof, and the only challenge is getting money down!

If we compare Sports Betting to investing in FOREX, or stocks, there is a standout advantage. I am going to explain in simple terms:


The price of Currencies and stocks is set by the market. For example, at the time of writing the Dollar/Euro rate is $105.20/€1.00. Whereas, the Vodafone share price is 121.60 (bid) & 121.70 (offer).

In short, there is only one price for bid & offer. While you can shop around for a lower trading commission, it won’t make a big difference to your bottom line.

With Sports betting, the only comparison (market price) is the Betfair betting exchange. As with currencies & stocks, these odds fluctuate in accordance with the weight of money being bet.

Meanwhile, you will probably know that the most common way to bet on sports is with bookmakers. Moreover, there are hundreds if not thousands of them. And, now for the advantages:


Bookmakers are stand-alone companies who are in competition with each other. That means they are not aligned with betting offers, which include the odds.

Suffice to say, when the chance occurs, the knowledgeable consumer can take advantage of odds inefficiencies.

For example, in a match between Liverpool and Manchester United. Bookmaker A might be offering odds of 2.05 on Liverpool and 1.9 on United/Draw (X2). In the meantime, Bookmaker B is offering 1.90 Liverpool and 2.05 United/Draw.

It is a no brainer, taking the best odds of 2.05 & 2.05 on each will generate a guaranteed profit!

For the record, there are thousands of betting opportunities every day. In this Youtube video, Big Profit sports Betting Strategy Made Simple (Using RebelBetting). I show you how to use simple software to take advantage of expected value!


A marketing technique Bookmakers use for customer acquisition is to offer a bonus. Normally, this is what they call an (FTD), a first-time deposit bonus. Generally, on signing up with a sportsbook, the customer is incentivised to make a deposit by a matching bonus of up to $xxx.

Take note, it is important to read the terms & conditions attached to the bonus. Including, how many times it needs to roll over before becoming withdrawable funds.

If the maths are applied correctly, it is easy to take advantage of this forced generosity. In countries such as the USA, some sportsbooks are offering a massive $2000 bonus. While the UK and Europe are less competitive, it is still possible to profit using this method.


As previously mentioned, a betting bonus will often depend on where you are living. Also, it’s the same with odds, and betting limits. To make it pay, you will need access to the right bookmakers.

For those with a deep understanding, there are ways to expand the operation to other territories. At this stage, check out our hit Youtube video:

Sports Betting: You WILL Win Using This Simple Strategy (Value Betting/Advantage Betting)


These are the easiest ways to profit from betting with little knowledge.


  • ARBITRAGE – In this scenario, you will be betting on both sides of the coin at favourable odds. The only risk is that one side of the bet isn’t taken, or the odds drop. Take note, that you can remove the risk partly by taking the outstanding odds first. For example, if only one bookmaker is offering A at 2.05, and ten bookmakers offering B at 2.05, take A first!
  • MATCHED BETTING – The easiest form of bonus abuse. In this instance, you take the bonus from a number of bookmakers simultaneously, and then you play them off against each other. While this method won’t bring the biggest of profits, it’s fine for someone who is super conservative!


  • VALUE BETTING – This is simple and more profitable compared to arbitrage. You won’t be covering your bet the risk is higher. Nevertheless, the profit margin is higher because it’s not necessary to give value back by betting on arbitrage. Click the Rebelbetting banner for a free trial. The software scans millions of betting opportunities and provides customers with positive EV (expected value bets).
  • SOURCE PICKS – Buy betting tips from professionals. Let them do their work, while you concentrate on getting the highest odds. Do not underestimate the need to find value, it will make a big difference to the bottom (ROI) line.


  • OPINION BETTING – If you are better than the bookmakers, find your own high-value bets. Specialise, start off by focusing on one sport and progress.
  • SPORTS MODELLING – Betting syndicates use Sports modelling algorithms to churn out a high number of bets. The truth is, you wouldn’t be reading this if you were that advanced – Maybe later?


  • Identify and open high-value betting accounts.
  • Understand betting limits and how to avoid account closure.
  • Have a strategy based on the number of hours you can invest.
  • Use Money Management skills (Betting bank/Staking)
  • Make a plan based on your individual circumstances.
  • Learn how to use agents & bet placers.
  • Look further afield for opportunities (network)
  • Keep it legal – make sure you cover your ass for all eventualities.
  • Source picks and software that can help you grow faster.
  • Specialise in sports where you have knowledge. 
  • Invest in learning – We offer 1-on-1 coaching (fee-based)


  • Do not accept any odds. They must be of value!
  • Chasing losses – If you are addictive by nature, stay away.
  • Thinking you know it all – arrogance is expensive.
  • Betting with money you can’t afford to lose (Separate bank)
  • Avoid getting egged on by others with no knowledge. 
  • If you don’t believe you can win – You won’t!

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