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The Swiss League has undergone significant changes for the current season, which are worth noting for football enthusiasts and followers. Previously comprising 10 teams, the league has expanded to include 12 teams. Another notable adjustment is the reduction in the number of times teams play each other during the regular season, from four meetings to three. This alteration aims to streamline the schedule and enhance the overall dynamics of the league.

At the culmination of the regular season, an intriguing development awaits teams and supporters alike: the division of the table into a Championship group and a relegation group. This new format adds a layer of suspense and strategy, as teams strive to secure their positions and vie for coveted spots in the Championship group.

In the current standings, Luzern occupies the 6th position with 31 points accumulated from 21 games. In comparison, St Gallen, positioned 3rd, boasts a five-point lead. Notably, Luzern has demonstrated strength at home, amassing 22 points from 10 games, while St Gallen has faced challenges on the road, garnering only 9 points from an equal number of away matches.

Following the winter break, Mario Frick’s Luzern team has exhibited promising form with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss. Despite a setback in their first game against Yverdon, Luzern bounced back with victories against Lausanne and Lausanne Ouchy. Of particular note is their remarkable comeback against Lausanne, where they overcame a one-goal deficit with ten men on the field, ultimately securing a convincing 3-0 win.

As they prepare for their upcoming match, Luzern is without suspended Beloko. Beka is injured, while the likes of Frydek, Winkler, Ademi, and Dorn need to prove their match fitness.

Meanwhile, St Gallen experienced a mixed bag of results following the winter break. While they clinched a victory against Lausanne, they suffered defeats against Lugano and Servette. Notably, St Gallen encountered difficulties when playing at home, and that shouldn’t be happening! 

The visitors are still without influential player Willem Guebbels. Von Moos, van der Venne, and Fazliji are others sidelined with injuries, while the availability of Karlan is unknown.

In summary, St Gallen’s recent struggles at home have raised concerns among fans and pundits alike. Despite their initial flawless record, recent performances have highlighted vulnerabilities that Luzern may seek to exploit. With returning players and favorable odds, Luzern appears well-positioned to capitalize on St Gallen’s current challenges and secure a positive outcome in their upcoming encounter.

BET: LUZERN +/-0 (draw no bet)

Odds: 1.93


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