Ask yourself this, isn’t it time you started taking the bookmakers money?. We believe the answer is yes, so with our help you will learn how to beat the system.

Lets look into how you are going to get the most out of bookmakers.

If you have been gambling and losing for a long time, it could be easier at the beginning. Afterall, bookmakers have ‘’loser’’ written next to your name, so they won’t control your bets. However, that won’t help if you are with bad sports-books, so lets figure that part out.

We suggest you visit an odds checking site such has Oddsportal, and make sure you register. The reason for that is you see all  bookmakers which makes identifying value easy. After opening a game you get a list of betting odds, with an arrow to sort top from lowest.

Two things you are searching, with the first being highest odds. The chances are you will see the same bookmakers appear near the top often.  The other thing to consider is betting percentage, with 100 representing best value. These are just some of the tools you need to get the most out of bookmakers.

If legally possible from your jurisdiction, focus on value bookmakers.

We suggest opening several betting accounts, and fund them to bet. 

If you are known to the leisure bookmakers and getting banned, then it’s Asia for you. That means the likes of SBO, ISN, IBC etc, bookies which allow winners. However, rather than set yourself up with individual books, we are going to suggest a better alternative.

Open  an agent/broker account, so you can bet with 8-10 bookmakers. Why bet with just one when you can take the best odds on offer. By having multiple bookmakers, you will remove most of the juice.

Some agents will be able to offer you betting systems. With them you will be able to bet with several bookmakers from one click.

We can also tell you agents who accept bitcoins, and convert to a betting currency.

If you are a serious about gambling, get in touch with for an agent solution. If you are in a country which makes betting difficult we can help. In fact, we can also form legal betting syndicates, and advice on other gaming issues.

We hope you enjoy this video titles –  Value betting – get the most out of bookmakers.