This tutorial is not intended for dreamers and nor is it aimed at people who buy into scams. If you are a person who believes a tipster can give 90% winners, i’m afraid you are easily deceived. In fact, their must be a lot of stupid people out there has without them their would be no scammers. 


When websites/ e-mail scammers advertise ’fixed-games’’ don’t believe them?. The fact is no one who would sell a fixed match for  small money to an internet audience?. In fact, if a match was really fixed bookmakers wouldn’t pay out. Furthermore, people buying into such bullshit are literally committing a criminal act (conspiracy to defraud).


Their are a load of terrible scams out there, and most defy basic logic. When receiving a mail on things such has how to beat the lottery it’s absolutely fantasy. For those who don’t know state lotteries take out 50% from the pool and everything else is chance. When you receive mail from Ayesha Gaddafi needing help to get $20 million out of Libya it’s clearly a con. 

Below you will find a lit of considerations to help you best understand how to succeed at sports betting.

No risk 

Beginners can make profit by taking a ‘’no risk’’ strategy. What we mean is ‘’arbitrage betting’’ were you can bet all outcomes with a guaranteed profit. However, be weary of the pitfalls and stay clear of the more volatile in-play markets, because they are really unsuitable for people with little knowledge. 

For the record, arbitrage is when you bet  without financial risk. One such example is if you could bet the toss of a coin equally at odds 2.02 you would return 202 for 200 outlay. It’s the same with sports-betting, if you can find a NFL match offering odds of 1.95 (team A) and 2.15 (team B) you can make a profit by betting proportionally. In this instance an outlay of 200 would be proportioned 95 @ 2.15 = 204.25, and 105 @ 1.95 = 204.75. Executing this guarantees a win of at least 4.25 with no risk attached.

You can see best betting odds by logging in at an odds checking site, click the arrow to order prices from high to low. If it’s possible to bet at an over round book (under 100%) you are guaranteed to profit by betting proportionally.

Some advice, when placing a arbitrage bet take the odds which are widest of the mark first. For example,

  • Team A top odds are 2.15, 2.05, 2.05 and 2.00
  • Team B is 1.95, 1.95, 1,95 and 1.94
  • Bet Team A first at 2.15 has its fully 0.10 above the next best odds. In this example , team B is available with three bookmakers at 1.95 so you have a safety net. Take the maximum amount possible at the bigger odds and balance out with what’s needed at 1.95. 
  • PS - be careful not to take odds that are obviously a misprint. Afterall, bookmakers have the right to change typing mistakes, and once corrected you won’t generate a profit. Secondly, you can only use bookmakers where you have funded betting account, so make sure you have money in before trying to arb.

Low risk

We prefer the term value betting. We recommend using highly competitive Asian odds from  trusted bookmakers to get the book near 100%. It’s called squeezing the juice, and the more betting accounts you have the easier this becomes. By this stage you will need to understand gambling and be able to beat the book with your bets. 

It gets harder

As and when you start winning money from bookmakers obstacles will start appearing. Account closures and limitations are standard, so be prepared for the worst. To prolong the life span of betting accounts you can ask friends to open the same accounts on your behalf. However, bare in mind that they will need to provide identification at some stage, and bookies shouldn’t be able to trace bets back to the same IP address. Other alternatives are to use betting shops and send out bet placers to stay under the radar!

At this stage, you should consider becoming a full time professional bettor. Since your betting bank increased, paying for information is one way to increase amount of bets. On this note, even we pay for information and other tools, because at the end of the day it’s all about getting the best out of the situation.

We would also advise signing up with a betting agent has through them you can get anonymous accounts. In fact, around ten bookmakers can be obtained through a single wallet agent account, and all these odds are available on a single one-click platform. Other than lower bookmaker juice you can get the highest betting limits. Winning accounts are accepted without restriction, because such bookmakers use dynamic odds. Without going into great detail, odds work like the stock exchange with weight of money moving the price.

Reality check

Never overestimate your own ability, stay humble and realise you are just a small sprat in a big sea. Keep refining systems and staking plans, and make sure you get the best odds possible. We wrote How to succeed at sports betting to get people involved, but for an even more intensive course we recommend hitting some of ouy you tube video's such has Win Money from Sports betting in 2018 - do's and don'ts.

Here are some do's and don't to get you started:


  • Don’t try to kill the bookmaker in one hit, feed slowly to earn more in the long term.
  • Only bet with trusted bookmakers, because not being paid won’t assist your cause!
  • Don’t knowingly take false odds, the bet will be void and their is no benefit.
  • If the odds have gone don’t bet unless you still see value.
  • Don’t focus too much on bonus bookmakers, and if you do at least understand the rules.
  • Don’t dwell on past performance, because that part of your life is finished. 
  • Never chase losses or lose discipline, it’s the same as being addicted.
  • Have documents ready for bookmaker ‘’know your customer’’ policy. 
  • Don’t take early bookmaker cash-outs, because you will pay an unfair price.
  • Don’t believe tipsters who advertise impossible win rates.
  • Do make sure you get the very best odds possible.
  • Do let others bet on your behalf (if you trust them)