We wanted to share successful sport betting tips & tricks to help you become a better gambler. You will need plenty of self discipline and to do things right, but anything is possible.




If you are betting seriously, the chances are your accounts with European bookmakers have been seriously limited or closed. Whatever your situation, if you are winning, you won’t be able to exploit leisure bookmakers for long. For most professional punters, that means the only option is to open betting accounts with Asian h’cap bookmakers or Betting exchanges. 


However, their are better options, and that’s using a betting agent. What they can do for you is open anonymous betting accounts with certain bookmakers and betting exchanges. Many agents can offer customers a betting platform such has Mollybet. This allows you to compare and take the best odds from several bookmakers with a single click.


Agents offer single wallet accounts, meaning you don’t need to move funds through expensive payment gateways. The list of bookmakers offered is around ten, and amongst them are the likes of Pinnacle, SBO, IBC and ISN. Furthermore,, higher staking punters have the option to broker bets over Skype/Messenger. This works similar to the stock exchange, in that you place your order and the bet is made on your behalf. 


Betting agents are usually paid (0.1 to 0.3%) on turnover from the bookmaker, and for customers it’s free service. Just to make it very clear, you get the very best odds in Asia and betting limits are high. In fact, placing 100k-200k on a premier league match without line slippage is normal.


By getting the best odds, even borderline punters can become winners. It should make sense that lower juice will give everyone a bigger chance of profiting. 


Power tip - If you do use a betting agent, make sure they are giving you ‘’grade A odds’’. Most Asian bookmakers operate several platforms, and agents who are position taking (revenue sharing) could be lining you up with lower odds. This is easy to check by looking at the odds on the bookmakers site without logging-in.




It goes without saying, it’s your job to take the very best odds possible. Even if you are a beginner, the concept of obtaining value should be logical. With that in mind, you need multiple betting accounts, or a betting agent like mentioned above. 


To check which bookmakers are best for you, compare odds on a odds-checking platform like oddsportal.com. By doing this you will be able to see which bookmakers offer the most competitive odds. With that said, do a reputation check and avoid the bookmakers we listed in our other tutorial called Warning - avoid these bookmakers.


Power tip - When searching for the best odds, make sure you compare both Asian h’cap and standard bets (1X2 or under/over). You will be surprised how often the same bookmaker has different odds for the same bet. 




Like with any business, it’s important to keep re-evaluating the service you are being offered. In betting terms, watch out for bookmakers increasing juice (bigger take out). We have noticed that under new ownership Pinnacle-Sport have started to increase juice, so be weary of this. Afterall, it will make your life harder if solely relying upon Pinnacle.


Power tip - You don’t need a direct account with Pinnacle. Use an agent to get the very best odds offer, because they also offer Pinnacle under the Pinbet88 brand. In short - like when you go shopping online, look for the best price for the same product.




Despite high commission rates and the burden of ‘’premium charge’’ , most Betting exchange users still prefer Betfair. We can only believe that reputation is clearly the main reason why average punters prefer this platform.


What we can say is most professional gamblers have moved on, because Betfair is no longer competitive. On that note, if you understand the concept of value consider opening an account with Matchbook. New customers are being offered 0% commission for the remainder of the year, and standard rates are much lower than other betting exchanges.  


Think about the value aspect, do you prefer odds of 2.00 with Matchbook, or 1.95 (5% commission) at Betfair?


In our opinion, if you are resident in the UK or Ireland, you really can’t go wrong with a Matchbook account. Make sure you use both the back/lay odds to carve out extra juice.


Power tip - Pay particular attention to US sports, they have the best odds on the market.




Betdaq started at the same time has Betfair, but they were never endeared to by the betting public. Placing this platform in Ireland was probably the initial mistake, but their were other issues. Without going in to unnecessary detail, the owners of Betdaq made many poor decisions


More recently, Betdaq have been clueing up their act. They appear to be getting increased liquidity, and they offer a competitive 2% flat rate commission. To the value punter this makes more sense than Betfair, especially since they now have a UK license.


Power Tip - Do the maths and compare racing odds with those on offer at Betfair. After doing the commission adjustment you should do better with Betdaq.





If you are akin to be a professional football punter, it’s imperative that you understand Asian handicaps. Afterall, they are more competitive than standard odds, and that’s because they use dynamic lines.


Dynamic odds work very similar to trading on the stock exchange, since lines move according to the weight of money being bet. In theory, bookmakers carve out a small win irrelevant of the result, and that means they don’t need to worry about the quality of punter. Suffice to say, it’s a one rule for all system, and professional punters can apply their trade with no extra restrictions.


Power Tip - Successful sport betting means understanding the little things. Did you know that nearer the kick-off the higher the limits. It makes sense if you think about it, because the pool continues to swell. PS - Asian h’cap bookmakers often reduce the juice  on match day.




In their own words, Betradar is the leading supplier of Sports betting data. What they provide bookmakers is Fixtures, Results, Pre-match and a live odds service. The fact is, bookmakers can sign up for the full service and cut out the need to have in-house odds-compilers. In fact, the only thing needed is to pick a odds key (%), and allow the system to do the rest.


This is one of the reasons why many Sport-betting websites carry very similar odds, and even when they don’t it’s often just because of the key (%) adjustment.


With that said, it doesn’t mean that these odds are fully accurate, and they can certainly be exploited by people with betting knowledge. To conquer that issue leisure bookmakers employ risk managers, and it’s they who are responsible for stopping or limiting winning accounts.


Power tip - Betradar are particularly vulnerable with live ‘’in-play’’ odds, go take advantage if you can!




Here is a successful sport betting trick if you have the opportunity. Many high street Bookmakers leave odds hanging, and they are particularly weak during the volatile 45 minute period leading up to kick-off. 


While it’s not always easy to get past the bookmakers defence mechanism (shop staff/limits), their is plenty of leverage with the actual odds. Our recommendation, either place yourself or helpers in ‘’busy’’ shops ready to pounce on changing odds 


Power tip - Test for yourself by visiting any betting shop 45 minutes before the English leagues kick-off on a saturday. All you need is a mobile connection to the internet, and Betfair open for the 100% book price. If you can beat that, you are getting the upper hand.




If you are really serious about winning, we offer individual Coaching courses to suitable candidates. Prices start at £550/€600 for a full month of 1-2-1 coaching. This includes 2-4 Skype sessions, and follow up e-mail to help you understand how to beat the bookmaker and get the most out of betting! Get in touch using prefix ‘’coaching’’ and include your level and location. address is admin@betting-analyst.com



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