Beat the bookmaker with our professional betting tutorial. We know the way, and it’s time to share some of some simple tips and tricks.


If you don’t understand the concept of value betting, you won’t make it in professional betting. It’s really simple, obtaining high value odds is priority number one when it comes to pro betting!

Professional betting is no different to any other business, in that you need to consider the financial aspect. In this instance, you first need to find value. An example of such is getting 2.1 about a spin of a coin when the real odds are 2.0. 

We recognise it won’t be easy for most people to understand true odds. However, this tutorial Professional betting - Make money from sports betting in 2018/19 will hopefully put you on the right track. 

On that note, one quick method which doesn’t need much knowledge is using betting exchanges to guide . While the odds won’t be totally correct, the 100% book price is what you should aim to beat.

The task is to bet with bookmakers whose odds exceed those you can find on the betting Exchange. - Here is a link to a separate tutorial on how you can use betting exchanges .

Power Tip - Forget arbitrage, you don’t need to cover a value bet. It’s pure maths, take the higher value and don’t give juice back!

PS - For those interested, we  offer 1-2-1 paid coaching courses. Subscribe if you are serious about winning, admin@betting-analyst.com!



Which bookmaker accounts you can get will depend on a number of factors. For professional betting syndicates like ourselves, we are mostly limited to betting with Asian h’cap bookmakers. These suit our purpose has they have high limits and don’t ban or limit winners!

However, the good news for most punters is they can still bet with less smart Leisure bookmakers. The likes of Victor Chandler, Bet 365, William Hill and Unibet  fit into that category. While most of these bookmakers will eventually close/limit winning accounts, they are there to  exploited! 

Also, if you have existing accounts which are in minus, you will get more leeway compared to opening new betting accounts. The bookmakers logic is you are a proven long-term ‘’loser’’, so they feel safe taking your money!

Power Tip - It’s a numbers game, the more high value accounts you have the better. Go spread your money around!



As already mentioned, obtaining best possible odds is part of professional betting. On that note, did you know many bookmakers often have different lines for the same bet? An example of such:

Betting a football team to win 1X2 market or -0.5 (asian h’cap) is the same bet. Even top bookmakers such has Pinnacle have odds variation in different markets. Why not check for yourself by clicking through the Pinnacle website.   

The fact is, Double chance, Asian h’cap +0.5, and European h’cap +1 are the same bet. To reiterate, you will often see a bookmakers showing varying odds for what amounts to the same bet!

Did you know you can often find better odds by making the line yourself. For example, a draw no bet is no different to betting win and using a proportional part of the stake to buy the draw (insurance). 

Here is a working example:

For the sake of argument, the best odds you get in Asian h’cap  for +/-0 (draw no bet) is 1.97 1.97. While, the best odds betting in the 1X2 market with various bookmakers is 2.8 3.5 2.8. 

This is what you should do, using a 100 stake……..

Bet 28.57  on the draw @ odds 3.5. If the match ends in a draw you receive 100 back.  The balance 71.43 is bet at odds 2.8, so if your team wins you receive 200.00 (odds 2.00 for your original 100 stake) 

Using this example, you have just raised the Asian h’cap odds from 1.97 to 2.00 (100@2.0 = 200). 

You can do the same with other Asian h’cap lines, but the maths and methods become more complicated - another day maybe!



The first rule of professional betting, never bet money you can’t afford to lose. Everyone who takes betting serious should have a staking plan, and includes you. 

Clients of our premium service often ask how much they should stake. With regards to our football tips, we recommend betting 1 to 1.5% of your betting bank. And, for the record, we place 100 - 150 pre-match bets per month during season!

Your staking plan should take in several factors, and one of them is the number of bets you expect to make. If numbers are low (20-30 per month), the unit will be higher. Those making loads of bets will want to decrease stakes.

Another consideration is the odds. Afterall, betting horses at 10/1 is clearly different to taking short odds in a football match. Our staking suggestion would consider many factors, yours should do the same.

Power tip - Decide your stake on a periodical basis, and stick with it until the next review.



We have many tools at our disposal, and that includes in-house sports modelling software. Furthermore, we gather team information before making an informed choice.  For the record, we also pay other services, but there are free tools available. 

We won’t list them all here, but for team news Injuries & Suspensions is a decent service. We are not saying all the information is correct, but it helps with a quick overview.  

However, if we planned on making a bet, we would also check the clubs news feed. The latest team news is often listed on a clubs website / Social media feed. And, If you don’t understand the language, most sites have Google translate installed.

With regards to finding bets, be realistic and accept you can’t know everything yourself. Unless you want to specialise, be willing to buy-in tips. And, if you are lacking the financial clout to buy picks, search for Freemium Tipsters. 

We have a free section on betting-analyst.com, and we often add a Free Premium bet. Once progressing to the next level, you can buy our Syndicate bets. These are the same bets we are making, and we are proven over the past 20 years!

Power Tip - Be sceptical of free picks on websites which promote bookmakers. Afterall, these sites are often signed up to affiliate programs,  and they receive revenue share from customer losses. Ask yourself this, would you visit a doctor that was advertising the local Funeral parlour?



Before starting your professional betting career, you will need a plan of attack. And, while this must ideally be flexible at first, it’s important you have a plan to which you will adhere.

We have already covered some of the factors which you will need to consider, and we wouldn’t want to dictate an exact plan. However, for the sake of clarity, here are some of the considerations you will need to take on board. 

  • Volume - Number of bets you are expecting to make over the course of a month.
  • Bookmaker accounts - Who can you legally bet with, and what is the real value of these accounts.
  • Betting Bank - Separate funds from your household money. And, if you need to pay yourself a salary, add it to the equation. 
  • Odds - Expected strike rate will is dependent on average odds, and this also applies to ‘’losing runs’’.
  • Limits - Bookmakers impose limits, think how this could affect your concept.
  • Time - If you are doing another job, think about how much time (realistically) you can dedicate to betting.

Power Tip - Plan ahead, because at some stage your account will get restricted by bookmakers - Can someone else open betting accounts on your behalf!



At this stage we have to throw in a reality check. Making money from bookmakers is both hard work and time-consuming. If you are a dreamer don’t be easily deluded.

If Tipsters are advertising unbelievably high strike rates, maybe they are not telling the truth. When you see websites/e-mails advertising ‘’fixed-games’’, they are simply scammers. And, what about better-known racing tipsters advertising when they have a big priced winner, have you tried getting on at those odds. With all that said, it’s possible to make a lot of money from gambling. 

At Betting-Analyst.com we tell it like it is,  since we are totally transparent. We give out odds which are readily available, meaning everyone can get on. In fact, those punters with more betting options (leisure bookmakers) can make even bigger profits.

At the time of writing, here is return on investments from our professional betting syndicate (same tips we sell):

  • Racing is 14% on circa 1500 bets per year. Someone betting 100 on each would expect to make around 21K per year. 
  • Football is averaging 12.84%. Our best performing leagues are Belgium (16.51%), Internationals (16.49%), France (14.06%), England (11.43%) and Spain (11.17%). We place an average 1400 to 1600 bets per season. 
  • US sports, NBA (9.7%), NCAAF is around +6.8% , NFL +7.8% and MLB +3.5%. Profits would increase if you use Matchbook without commission. 
  • WTA (tennis)  7% on over 600 picks, all at Pinnacle odds. Suffice to say you can get better odds.

The secret is being realistic with expectations, and don’t believe those who  exaggerate to sell. If you would like to subscribe to any of our betting services, contact us at admin@betting-analyst.com 

Power Tip - Don’t listen to people in betting forums,  you might get distracted!



Handle betting accounts with care, if you don’t they will lose value. If you are a winning punter, closure and limitations will happen at some stage. With that said, by doing things right you are able to prolong the life of betting accounts!

With regards to ‘’leisure bookmakers’’, don’t ask for the biggest stake possible. Afterall, your bets will be noted by risk managers. And, if they believe you are ‘’sharp’’,  account closure or limitations will follow.

When betting with Exchanges or Asian h’cap specialists (Pinnacle, SBO etc), limits are clearly defined. These bookmakers use dynamic odds which work similar to the stock exchange. Odds move in accordance to the weight of money being bet!

Power Tip - Understand the bookmakers you are using. Keeping accounts open is half the battle.



You might have heard the saying ‘’emotions have no place in business’’. Well, it’s no different in professional betting, and you simply have to stay cool. How many times have you seen punters get excited because they lost a bet?

Emotions could also make you irrational. For some that might mean chasing losses, or ‘’ betting higher when on a roll’’. If you are one of those people who looses focus easily, change your environment and work on yourself staying calm.

One thing we recommend on our coaching course, put a line under every bet made. Win or lose, it’s important that you focus on the next bet. 

Power tip - Don’t dwell on the ‘’luck factor’’. You will lose some bets  you should have won, and you will win bets you should have lost. While it’s human nature to think of the bad luck, it all balances out at the end! 



We believe anyone with a semblance of intelligence and starting bank can make money from Sport-betting. And, the best thing is you can earn while you learn. If you have self-control and time on your hands,  professional betting can be very lucrative.

 For those needing a kick start, we offer one-to-one coaching courses. And, while this is a paid service, it could be the best investment you ever made. Contact us at admin@betting-analyst.com to get started!