The biggest challenge for professional gamblers of any type is keeping betting accounts open, and that’s certainly true with horse racing. While you might see bookmakers advertise best odds guaranteed, the truth is that service is only available to compulsive gamblers and losers!





Bookmakers price-up every race in the UK, and they have even started doing the same for French and Hong Kong races. Most of these services are bought-in from companies such has https://pa.media/betting-services/ , but they lack accuracy! Proof, if they where efficient the starting price would be nearer the early odds, and bookmakers would take a larger bets!


To conqueror their lack of understanding, the bookmakers weapon of choice is ‘’risk managers’’. They aim to identify those who are ahead of the game, and like a virus contain them. That means they either limit or close winning betting accounts. And, while that also applies to other sports, racing professionals have it harder than say top league Football or US sport bettors. 





To be successful at betting, you must understand mathematics are at the forefront. 


Professional gamblers come in all shapes and sizes, although most are simply arbitrage and value (outstanding odds) seekers. For that, the only understanding is being able to find odds discrepancies.  


There are many trading tools available to help Arb players guarantee profit. What they are aim to bet is both sides of a sporting event at positive odds, meaning the book price is less than 100%. For example, getting odds of 2.05 on both sides of a flip-of-a-coin would do the trick. In this instance, 100 placed on both ``heads + Tails’’ would be 200 staked and 205 returned, meaning a profit of 5 or 2.5%.


Just to explain the difference, value seekers will only take the outstanding odds. An example, if the same coin was 1.95 heads and 2.10 tails, the value seeker would simply the 2.10. Over a longer period they will have a higher win margin, because in this instance they are not giving value back by taking the shorter odds!


The third and superior type of professional gambler isn’t simply a trader, because the TRUE professional gambler is capable of finding odds discrepancies in the bet. We are referring to those who are masters of betting, and more importantly ahead of the bookmaker.  These people/syndicates have superior knowledge of sports betting, and they often build complex sports modelling systems to help them get ahead!





Sports modelling has become a major tool in the betting business. Professional bookmakers (not copy & paste merchants) and betting syndicates often use computer programs (sports modelling) to generate betting odds. 


A few weeks ago, I was having a discussion with a professional betting trader friend of mine.  He asked me about using sports modelling for racing, i advised him it was more complex than other sports. 


With sports such has tennis the dynamics are relatively simple. Defining factors are things such has rank, surface, current form, head to head, fitness and motivation! With football, knowing the starting line-up, weather conditions, referee, motivation and stats are enough. Racing has many more factors, which we cover below. However, before getting into that, i would compare Sports-betting vs racing to a Bachelors vs Masters degree!


I can teach anyone how to find their own bets and make money from Sports betting (We even offer 1 month courses starting at just GBP500 to suitable candidates - If you want to start winning admin@betting-analyst.com for details)  However, i wouldn’t be able to do the same with racing, because it’s much more specialised . 


With that said, racing is a lot more lucrative if you know what you are doing. And, paying for a highly profitable and long-term service is an option!


With regards to horse racing, we thought it would be wise to mention some of the contingencies involved!





* Handicap mark

* Weight

* Ground

* Track

* Draw

* Form

* Jockey

* Trainer

* Stable form

* Time between races

* Opposition

* Size of field

* Distance

* Journey to track

* Weather

* Non runners

* Earlier races



These and other factors are taken into consideration in the selection process,  at the end of the day we are trying to read the race. Suffice to say, understanding these dynamics are outside he scope of traditional sports modelling, unless of course the pool of horses  is relatively small. Where it has worked in the past is countries such has Hong Kong, because they have two racetracks and a small pool of horses. Try that in the UK where every track is different, and the pool is massive!


For those interested - we covered this in a different tutorial that you can read here: https://betting-analyst.com/tutorial/30





We can supply the winning formula (our picks) to the right people, or if you are capable do-it-yourself. However, there is more to it than just that, because even if you have the right bets you still need to get on!


Ask yourself, do you have the following options:


Legal rights - You want to be in th right jurisdiction, where betting is allowed without legal risk. No betting taxes (such has those in Germany) are acceptable on winnings/stake.


Betting shops - The easiest way to hide bets is through using betting terminals in shops. While maximum stakes are often low, at least they are a way of avoiding detection. Betting in busy shops, or wealthy areas could help with staking. Big cities have more betting shops, so it is easier to split stakes and stay below the radar!


Bookmaker options - Whether betting in shops or online, the more competition you have the better your chance of finding value. You can also divide stakes to slow down the process of getting banned, so open many accounts and take every advantage.


Losing accounts - If you had betting accounts for a long time and you lost money to the bookie, the chances are they probably have you marked has a loser. This can work to your advantage, because they are likely to give more leeway!


Third party accounts - If you can get others to open betting accounts on your behalf, you will increase your options. Syndicates/professional gamblers often pay others to open betting accounts. Most betting accounts can be loaded by skrill or other e-wallets, so you just need a set of documents which the person allows you to use!


VIP betting accounts - Getting one of these is a fantastic benefit. VIP accounts are given to people who lost a load of money. They have much higher limits, and it’s usually possible to get stakes of 1500 to 2000. While they won’t last forever, they are a fantastic asset. (ps - If you have a VIP account, let us talk)


Multiple betting - I do a lot of multiple betting, i just want to mention it’s not part of the service we offer. What i will say is It’s much harder for bookmakers to detect, and when hitting a full house you will  win big money. Using our selections and throwing in some others are a way to hit it big!


Betting exchanges - This means betting near the ‘’off’’, when liquidity is at it’s best.  Still plenty of value available if you ‘’pick & choose’’ what you bet, and no knock backs from bookmakers. Furthermore, laying is another option, and so is betting to lay, and laying to bet.


PMU Betting - If you know what you are doing, betting in countries like France is lucrative. In this situation your own money will count against you (make odds shorter), so you have to play according to volume and a few other factors. Clearly you can’t share these bets with others, but you can try to get PMU odds without going into the pool. Some bookmakers lay PMU odds and fixed odds, the best of both worlds!



Can you get on? - Then it’s time to subscribe to our service which averages over 2.2k per month for 100 stakes at easy to get odds. Start there and build your nest egg, get in touch and we will enlighten you! — admin@betting-analyst.com