The different Levels of Profitable Betting will help with understanding what is possible. Get with us on our Youtube channel for tutorials on betting professionally.

In this tutorial/video, we discuss the six ways of making money out of betting. Link to video

Networking advice for gamblers

The different Levels of Profitable Betting will help with understanding what is possible. Get with us on our Youtube channel for tutorials on betting professionally.

In this tutorial/video, we discuss the six ways of making money out of betting. Link to video


Professional betting is a business, and you need to treat it that way. Do things right to make money from gambling.

First thing first, you will need a separate betting bank. For obvious reasons, this shouldn’t be mixed with your personal money. Also, I would suggest depositing around 50% of your betting bank with diverse bookmakers. On that note:

I would advise you to leave money in the bookmaker’s account until you are limited or banned. Otherwise, you trigger a review of your account history, and negative response will follow. In short, keep playing until limited.

Wake Up Call

Lazy people get nothing out of betting! If someone offers you a system that takes 10 minutes a day, you are being conned!

With that in mind, it is pointless subscribing to value betting software for 4-5 bets per day. If you are paying for a software service, make sure you are organised and hungry!

You should invest in the right tools! A carpenter doesn’t use a shoe to nail a hammer, and a professional gambler won’t find winners by looking at the Sun newspaper.

Staying ahead of the game is a never-ending process, so put in the effort!

The following are ways you can make money from betting. We start with the lowest, and work our way up!

Matched Betting

No knowledge is required for matched betting. With the right tools, your dead grandmother could make it work!

Matched Betting is basic, although you will need to pay for software and be proactive.

Matched betting is simply abusing the bookmaker’s marketing incentives! For example, bonuses & free bets are standard abuse.

To benefit, all you need is a bunch of betting accounts with the aforementioned. Suffice to say, the more accounts you can get hold of the better. Making $100 on 10 accounts creates a profit of $1000. Accordingly, if you can get 50 betting accounts, that profit increases to $5000.

Subscribe to a matched betting software platform, such as Odds-Monkey. Just Google matched betting and you will find offers! In short, these platforms show you where to bet, and what stake.

By following a simple method, short term profits are assured. The return on investment will depend on a number of factors including account longevity.

For UK customers, it is not as profitable as it used to be. The reason, bookmakers are giving smaller incentives. In the US, some betting platforms are offering a $1000/$2000 bonus, they can be properly abused!

Advice – Do not join bookmakers over the link provided by Match betting software services. In fact, don’t click any outbound links from these sites. Bookies can see where you came from, meaning they know your game and will limit accounts quickly.



You have probably seen a lot of Youtube videos on trading. However, it is hard, and they make it sound more attractive than it actually is!

In brief, trading is simply the practice of placing 2 bets against each other. Particularly, betting with a bookmaker and laying it off on the exchanges. 

As mentioned, it requires betting exchanges & bookmakers to make it work. 

Similar to arbitrage, although in this instance you buy to sell. 

For some, trading used to be highly lucrative but things have changed. No longer are market makers enticed with free trading and commission on bets against.

Furthermore, winning traders are subject to a premium charge. While this only affects the big accounts, it takes away the viability of trading.

In my opinion, Betting traders are limited. Moreover, it’s a tedious job, and there are easier options to make money from betting.


Arbitrage betting is simply betting both sides when the odds guarantee a profit! 

It is similar to drop shipping, in that it’s commission without risk. 

To succeed at arbitrage betting many accounts are needed. The big players pay others to allow them to bet under their name!

The biggest issue I have with arbitrage is giving value back to the bookie. In 95% of cases, it’s not practical, so let me explain.

Betting a coin toss at 2.05 2.05 each is a fair arb because true odds are 2.00 and 2.00. However, an arbitrager would still make the bet if the odds were 2.20 and 1.90. In this instance, they are accepting below real odds (1.90) and giving value back.

Advice – If you want to arbitrage, make sure you take the wrong (outstanding) odds first. Covering isn’t going to be the issue!


Take it from me, Value betting is a much better option than the aforementioned.

In this instance, you only need to worry about betting on one team. Suffice to say, it’s less stressful and more efficient.

The key to winning is keeping the expected value for yourself.

Rebel betting

The most important aspect of value betting is getting accounts. More bookmakers mean more positive juice.

Great news, there is plenty of value betting software available. We have arranged a first month (50%) discount with Rebelbetting.

Want to learn best how to use this software and how to generate positive EV bets? We added a Youtube video here


Once you have knowledge and understanding, it is time to move up in grade.

Tier two value bettors might develop their own betting software.

Consequently, the plan should be to track sharp bookmaker odds.

Incorporate Asian accounts, and find a way to increase betting options.

The great thing about doing it yourself is setting your own parameters. 

Moreover, by using both additive and multiplicative balancing, you can work with smaller margins and increase the number of bets.

Finally, in-play markets become interesting. Bookmakers find in-play betting harder to control, and accounts have more longevity.


Professionals who can identify value based on superior knowledge. While many punters believe they are capable, only a few per cent of professional gamblers find their own selections!

Incidentally, opinion gamblers understand betting is all about the odds. They know when they have the edge, and they understand timing is a big factor.

To succeed at Opinion betting, you simply need to be sharper than the bookmakers.

Specialising in one sport/league could work. Being properly informed and holding the knowledge advantage is key.

Those specialising will need to get down bigger $ stakes. Depends on expertise level and the number of bets.

Our tutorials and blogs will help you with understanding all aspects of professional gambling.

If networking is your thing, This Youtube video (link) is the best guide. Alternatively, read the tutorial (link).

The more you learn, the more you earn. Professional gambling is not for lazy people.


Successful betting syndicates are structured for maximum efficiency. They are a proper business with big engine rooms.

Specialist employees are taken on, albeit at a cost.

They are fully optimised to take advantage of bookmakers.

A big challenge for betting syndicates is sports-modelling.

Access to Asian betting markets for high liquidity. Finding bets is one thing, getting the money down is the other challenge.

Using bet-placers, and arranging rebates are another part of the game.

Dependable network in place. Information quell, and get people on your side!

We are happy to advise betting syndicates on legal structuring –

Our blogs, tutorials, and Youtube Video channels will hopefully inspire people into becoming professional gamblers. Also, I am happy to have a short discussion (skype) with wannabees.

For betting professionals, and those wanting to learn – We can offer 1-on-1 coaching, albeit at a cost.