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Betting-Analyst provides Sports betting advice to clients from around the world. Our exceptional service is tailor-made to suit individuals and professional betting organisations. Our value pricing policy makes it easy for most levels of bettor to join and benefit from our superior betting knowledge. 


Betting-analyst is more than just a tipping/picks service because our mission is to educate followers into becoming better and more profitable gamblers. 


At Betting-Analyst we have a massive network of betting professionals. We use superior tools and sports modelling algorithms to identify what we consider to be high-value bets, and our tipsters are proven to us over the long term. 


We believe we have the highest customer retention rate in the industry, and that’s because we are transparent and diligent about everything we do. At Betting-analyst we developed a proven business concept based on gaining long term trust from our clients from around the globe. 

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There are ten relatively easy ways to make money at betting, and I have covered them all in this ultimate guide for winners.

The options I discuss are available to anyone with a zero-to-middle knowledge betting level. Believe me, by doing things right anyone can profit from betting!

Our betting analyst YouTube channel is there to help you become a more successful gambler. However, you will need to be the person who acts by following things through.

The only question remaining is do you want it enough? If you are betting with your hard-earned cash, wouldn’t you rather be a winner? For those wanting to be fast-tracked into becoming a successful gambler, sign up for our Membership Pro Service.

Pro includes light learning & a full mentorship program. You will also become part of our network, which will help you create opportunities. While this shouldn’t be confused with our intensive (1-2-1) learning program, you will profit to the full. To get started on this fee-based service, send a cover note to


Our Video Tutorials

Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and take your betting to the next level. Did you know the journey from being a square (loser) to sharp (winner) is an easy one? We have been beating the bookmakers for many years, and with our guidance so can you! 

By listening to our videos, you will learn easy methods to profit from betting. For those with a deeper understanding, we show you how to extract more from the game. Interested in betting strategies that are proven? we’ve got your back! Do you need guidance on how to become a professional gambler? Then check out our video ‘’How to become a Pro Gambler in 10 steps’’. It really doesn’t matter how much you know, we have something for everyone.  

Are you ready to put the odds in your favour and beat the bookies at their own game? If the answer is yes, delve deep into our knowledge base. We will be adding more videos for all levels from wannabe professionals to established betting syndicates. Join the revolution on Youtube!

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Value betting - the easiest way to make money

Watch this space for exclusive FREE PREMIUM TIPS. Sports Betting advisory service for winners! 

We have been beating the bookmakers for more than 20 years. If you are willing to do things right, it’s easy to profit from betting. Do you have the right mindset to start a profitable journey into professional betting?

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Professional Betting Coach

Would you benefit from professional one-on-one Coaching? If the answer is yes, our (fee-based) service will fast track you into becoming a more efficient gambler. It doesn’t matter whether you are a full time betting professional or beginner, we can help!

To be successful at betting you will need to be disciplined, methodical, and have a strong work ethic. By doing things right from the start, you will be in control of your own destiny. For those with real ambition, there is the potential to make big profits. While this business is not for dreamers, anyone with the ability to see things through can succeed.

Professional betting is not one size fits all, meaning there is no simple blueprint. However, for those qualifying, you will receive guidance based on individual ambitions and circumstances. The object of the game is to become quickly profitable and progress.

If you are interested in getting the odds in your favour, we ask that you fill in the form (above) and tell us a bit about yourself. We will get back to you with a few questions, and take it from there! 


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  • Syndicate Service
  • 100 - 200 Tips per month
  • Annual return 75 - 140%


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Horse Racing

Betting on horses can be highly lucrative. For many years, we have been beating the bookmakers at their own game. In fact, finding profitable bets is the easy part, whereas getting on is the main challenge. The reason, bookmakers are quick to limit winners!

Nevertheless, where there is a will there is a way. As with successful business owners, professional gamblers are good at finding solutions. For instance, placing cash bets in shops is a way to circumvent the system. Other options include using third party betting accounts or Betting exchanges. Finally, for those playing into the pools of US, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Sweden, Japan, Korea and Singapore, rebates are the best option.

Through our platforms, we share plenty horse-racing knowledge. For those demanding success, we offer both free and subscriber betting tip services. Lastly, if you are financially capable, we offer one-on-one (paid) coaching. Get in touch with your enquiries.

WTA Tennis

The WTA tennis season starts at the beginning of the year and ends with the WTA Tour Finals in mid-November. As a rule, we advise subscribers on anything from WTA250 and upwards.

While it is fair to suggest that WTA betting is more complicated than ATP, it’s those inconsistencies which make for betting opportunities. For those interested, we wrote an in-depth tutorial on the subject of WTA betting. Also, we added a Youtube video which shares the factors involved.

Take note, WTA is often played in the head, meaning we need to consider both mentality and data. For example, rank, head-to-head, and surface are obvious factors. However, do not underestimate motivation, tournament proximity, and past performance. Most of this information is available in a player’s profile, and by watching body language.

At betting-analyst, our sole purpose is to beat the bookmaker and help others do the same. In addition to our Free and Subscriber betting tips, we accept a limited number of one-on-one coaching applications. While this is a paid service, it could be your best investment ever!


When it comes to betting, more money is wagered on football than on any other sport. With its high liquidity markets, it is possible to bet $100’s thousands on big matches. According to service provider Sportradar, an estimated $155 billion was bet on the 2018 World Cup.

The big leagues in Europe are televised to a worldwide audience. From a betting perspective, the English Premier League (EPL) stands out from the crowd. However, Spain La Liga, Italy Serie A and the German Bundesliga are other punter favourites. Also, the Champions League, European Championships, and Europa League are other massive betting events.

We at betting-analyst specialise in football betting. In fact, we cover the aforementioned tournaments and many more. For example, professional gambler clients are supplied with betting advice from the following.

Swiss Super League, Dutch Eredivisie, Belgium Jupiler, France Ligue 1, and England Championship. During the summer months, Denmark Superliga, Sweden Allsvenskan, MLS and Finland Veikkausliiga keep us busy.

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