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It really doesn’t matter what sector you are in, personal development is the key to success!



Ready to claim your GOLDEN TICKET? 

Once you know what you are doing, it is easy to make a great living out of betting! If you are serious about winning, paying for professional coaching is a clever alternative. In fact, it could be the best investment you ever made!

It is fair to suggest that the vast majority of the betting public are net losers. In fact, it is no coincidence that betting companies are making billions of £/€/$ from such people. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you need to be one of the bookmaker’s contributors.

If we break it down, 99% of gamblers can be listed under the term ‘’loser’’. Of the remaining 1%, most are breaking even or achieving small profits. However, around 1 in 10,000 are making a full-time living out of betting, and 1 in 100,000 are creating major wealth!

The good news is the barrier to entry is low! I have taken people with very little knowledge into becoming full-time betting professionals, and more will follow!

For those considering professional betting, the opportunity is massive. If done right, taking a relatively small investment and turning it into a highly profitable business is possible!

Your mission – Use cash flow efficiently to grow exponentially. 

Editor note – Reading books, watching Youtube and following courses will help you develop. However, one-on-one coaching is the fast track to success.


Professional gambling is not for everyone! I don’t have time to mess around, so I ask everyone to take stock before making enquiring about coaching. There is a stringent criterion for being accepted, and places at the dinner table are limited. With that in mind, ask yourself:

Professional betting coach client
  1. Are you disciplined and coachable? 
  2. Do you have a strong work ethic?
  3. Will you have the time?
  4. What do you want out of coaching?
  5. Is your personal situation a good fit?
  6. Are you financially capable?

To succeed at professional betting, you will need to make a big effort. After all, there is no such thing as a passive income in this business. If it’s just going to be a side hustle, I recommend using our betting-analyst Youtube Tutorials. 

Also, if you don’t have the financial capability, use the same to grow a betting bank before contemplating coaching. In an ideal world, the potential client should have a minimum of £/€/$ 10,000 available, and preferably more.

STOP PRESS – For those playing at a lower level, you can book a one-hour consultancy (fee-based). 


I have been at the forefront of betting for over 30 years! In fact, at one stage, I was the youngest person to be granted a UK Betting license. 

When betting came to the internet, I saw the opportunity to get companies licensed in Malta and Gibraltar. I was contracted for consultancy services and on the advisory board of a leading brand. In lieu of payment, I often took equity in the gaming companies’ business! 

I formed a joint-venture betting data company which provided a full service to a leading bookmaker. While that was acquired by the client, I’m still involved under a management contract.  

As for professional betting, with a strong background in maths, it was always going to be a natural vertical. In fact, while I was still a teenager, I made over £30K (worth £200K today) at the York summer meeting. That money set me up for life, and it’s the reason I never needed a proper job!! 

To make a long story short, I’ve been profiting from betting for a long time. Our football betting syndicate is a spin-off from our data company. Horse racing has always been good to me, and other sports betting is easy when you know how! 

While I’m an entrepreneur with other business interests, nothing interests me as much as Sportsbetting. It’s more than just a business, taking money from bookmakers is a passion!

Finally, why do I bother to coach professional betting? The answer is that I can, and showing people how to change their life for the better is a pleasure. 

Professional betting coach coach


  • Fast Track to Success – Whether beginner, semi-pro, or a full-time professional gambler, it doesn’t matter! You will learn the best ways to extract profits from bookmakers.
  • Sharpen your betting – If you want to win the game, you will need to be match fit. The methods you will learn will be part of your weaponry. 
  • Tried & Tested – With 30+ years of experience, clients benefit from an encyclopaedia of knowledge. Proven at the highest level!
  • Collaboration – Not only do you learn, but as a disciple, you become part of the bigger picture.
  • Communication – Having a teacher at hand will help clarify your hundreds of questions.
  • Lower financial risk – In any business it is important to minimise risk. You will learn how to get more for less. 
  • Motivation – Not everyone is a self-starter, and having support from a high-energy individual will motivate.


  • Quick profiting (beginner)- The low-hanging fruit is ready to pluck. You will learn how to take it and profit to the full.
  • Longevity – Implementing the right betting strategy will help you stay in the game.
  • Money management (beginner) – A strong staking plan helps you grow your betting bank exponentially! 
  • Odds building (Intermediate)- You will learn how to scrape lines for increased value. Learning how to dissect odds gives an extra edge. 
  • How to handle bookmakers (beginner) – Your success will depend on keeping betting accounts open, and you do that by playing right.
  • The numbers (Intermediate) – I will show you how to reverse engineer the bookmaker’s advantage, and turn the odds in your favour.
  • Bet placement (beginner)- The best ways and methods for bet placement. Learn these methods & win more.
  • Understanding odds (beginner) – Everyone needs to get to understand the basic maths behind betting. 
  • Asian betting accounts (Intermediate) – Low juice, single wallet, amalgamated odds betting platforms. I can help with accounts.
  • Use Betting exchanges (Intermediate) – Removing the bookmaker means no restrictions. Time to earn more.
  • Where to bet (beginner) – Give yourself a chance by doing things right. We map a plan following exploration.
  • When to use Betting shops (intermediate) – There are methods for taking the money without the risk of account closure.
  • Multiple betting (Intermediate) – Growing the odds through multiple betting is extra lucrative. You need to understand how! 
  • In-play betting – When a client is up for the challenge, in-play betting will rocket them up the ladder. Better still, it is hard to detect winners.
  • Iceberg (advanced) – Learn when to bet, and how to get big money down without odds slippage. 
  • Cheat sheet (beginner) – A quick reference cheat sheet will help you understand the challenge. 
  • Technology (All levels) – Learn how to benefit from software that is optimised for your benefit.
  • Sports-modelling (advanced) – Learn about data analytics and how to build algorithms.
  • Networking (intermediate) – We show you how to Network, and we connect clients with others.
  • Building Trust – You will need 3rd party assistance, and it is easier with a good name.
  • Gnome accounts (intermediate) – Paying others for use of their ID, betting accounts, access to other countries etc. 
  • Structure business (advanced) – For syndicates, we can work on any legal constraints. 

Professional betting coach price


When I do consultancy work for a law firm or betting company, my standard fees are between £/$/€500-1000 per hour! However, they are rich organisations that are used to paying.

Typically, everyday business coaching courses cost between 2-10K to get started!

While making money from coaching isn’t my motivation, I do believe everyone should be willing to pay for my time!

The fee will be dependent on the challenge ahead and given on a need-to-know basis.

To apply, consider the client section. I won’t be answering anything that is non-relevant or dreamers who are simply fishing for information. 


Coaching is time-consuming, and the number of places is limited. For those capable & wanting the BIG WINS – here is your chance!


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