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In this video/tutorial, I am going to show you the benefits of increased odds. Also, you will learn six methods of how to increase your bottom line by betting like a professional.

If you are ready to learn and take destiny into your own hands, read on:


268,835 betting bank in 12 months.

Being successful in business is all about finding solutions, it’s the same with pro-betting. As a professional gambler, my only challenge is finding a consistent edge.

To break even at odds of 1.90, you need to be right with 52.63% of your bets. Whereas, getting the same strike rate (52.63%) at odds of 1.95  gives an ROI of 2.63%. If those odds could be increased to 2.00, the ROI would be a sturdy 5.26%.

Placing 20 bets per day (600 per month) with $100 stakes @2.63 gives the first month of $1578. By the way, that increases to $3156 at odds of 2.00!

Look at the charts to see how using the compound staking method will grow betting banks. For example, at a positive 2.63%, a 10K starting bank would reach $58K at the end of 12 months. Do the same with odds of 2.00 (5.26%) for  $10K to reach a whopping $269K. In this instance, those 5 pips were worth an extra $211K.

Compounded interest chart

For the record, we are making 100-600 bets per day! While you wouldn’t be listening/reading this if you were doing the same, anyone can reach 600 positive odds bets per month. Did you know? Many of the big syndicates are placing thousands of bets per pay, and with much higher volumes. This is how the owners of Smart Odds and Star Lizard have built betting empires!

The six easy ways to grow your odds are as follows:


The most obvious solution for finding better odds is more betting accounts! I would suggest doing your research starting with which bookmakers are available in your jurisdiction. 

Consider the betting percentages (juice), and the actual odds being offered. Look for bookmakers who are slow to change odds, and make sure you understand the rules of play. 

Add other low juice services such as Betting Exchanges and Betting Brokers. We will come into more detail in a minute, but for now, it is important to understand the benefits.

Finally, if you are well connected, partner up or buy in betting accounts. As you grow into this business, the challenge is getting money down. Take it from me, with money in your pocket and a proven concept you will find friends!


Use betting Exchanges

If you don’t already know, Betting Exchanges are peer-to-peer betting platforms. In other words, there is no bookmaker involvement. Exchanges profit from charging a commission on winning bets.

Firstly, the odds/limits being offered can be taken immediately, thus if it’s value snap it up! Another option is to negotiate your bets by making a request for higher odds. 

For example, if the line on the show is 1.98 back (bet) and 2.02 lay, ask for odds of 2.01 or 2.00. With a bit of luck, someone will accept your offer, job done!

Secondly, get the lowest commission rate possible. In the UK, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can get a Betfair 2% account. All you have to do is place 20 bets in a month, and the next month is charged at 2%. 

Join a number of betting exchanges for higher liquidity and odds choice. I need to re-iterate, that working for every point (0.01) is a must!

For big hitters, get in touch with the platform provider and ask for even lower commission rates. And, for those using agent accounts, try and negotiate with the account (broker) provider. Obviously, your ability to negotiate will depend on your betting power (turnover). Traditionally speaking, Exchanges don’t like traders, but they will work with risk-taking layers or bettors.

Exchanges can also be used for hedging bets!


Asian handicaps

Betting Brokers provide anonymous betting accounts with a number of Asian-facing Sportsbooks and betting exchanges. In brief, the broker is the account holder, and the customer belongs to the agent. 

How it works: The odds from a number of Asian bookmakers are fed into a platform. Clients are shown the highest odds and minimum/maximum stake available. Platforms such as Mollybet (Black) include odds from Pinnacle, SBO, IBC, Singbet, ISN, Betfair, Matchbook and Betdaq.

Professional ‘’opinionated’’ gamblers use Asian betting platforms for a number of reasons. One of them is the one-click system for the best-amalgamated odds. Another service offered is placing an order over messenger, and the broker makes the bet on behalf of the client. 

To make a long story short, brokers have the best odds and higher limits. You can move funds between accounts, and they are your point of contact!


Buy to sell

This is an option for betting exchanges or buying with the bookie and selling on the Exchange. The two alternatives are profit taking (sure bet), or increasing odds by trading part of the bet.

For those people privy to team news, it might be possible to over-buy a bet in the hope that the odds will sink. For example, you bet at odds for 2.10 and when the market reacts to the team news you lay at 2.00 

If I planned on making a 1000 bet and I thought the odds would tumble, I would double up and sell part back. For instance, bet 2000 at odds of 2.10, wait and sell half (1000) back at 2.00. By doing so, I created odds of 2.20 for my 1000 stake! 

While this form of trading doesn’t always work out, it is possible to square up (win/loss taking) before the event starts. 


Cross ply betting

Look at the image, different odds about the exact same bet!

This happens more than anyone believes, especially with sharp bookmakers such as Pinnacle. Let me explain;

Asian handicap betting -0.5 means the favourite to win. In the example (image), AC Milan is odds of 2.01 (1X2 market) and 2.025 (-0.5). It is the same bet, but you get higher odds by taking the Asian handicap. 

In the exotic markets, this occurrence can be seen on a much bigger scale. The number of goals 0-1 is the same as -1.5. No player to score is the same as 0-0, albeit advantageous with an own goal. 

Furthermore, you can create better Asian handicaps through cross-platform betting, here is a simple example:

If a football game was offered +0.5 (draw & away) at odds of 1.75, your challenge is to create bigger odds. Imagine bookie A offers 3.60 the draw, while bookie B is offering the away at 3.60. Divide a 100 stake in half, and place 50 on each of the 3.60 odds. The return is 180 for a total of 100 staked, thus the created odds are 1.80.

Take a +/-0 (draw no bet) being offered at 1.95 1.95. If the best 1X2 odds (with diverse bookies) are 2.80 3.333 2.90, it is possible to increase the odds by using this simple method!

100 unit

30 on the draw (returns 100 = stake back)

70 @ 2.80 = 196

70@ 2.90 = 203

Odds created 1.96 (+0.01) 2.03 (+0.08) – If the home team was bet, you are getting one pip more. However, if the away team was bet, getting 8 pips more is how to create wealth. 



If you can’t find advantageous odds yourself, use software to find positive EV picks.

By doing things right, you can find Sure bets (arbitrage) and Matched-bets (Yak!). Better still, don’t give any of the value back to the bookmakers, and just concentrate on value betting at positive EV.

We recommend REBELBETTING, and you can get a two-week trial from this link.

The Rebebelbetting software scans (data mining) a million odds per minute, so users can show positive EV bets. Moreover, depending on individual settings (bookmakers/margin requirement) clients are guided to 1000’s positive EV bets per day. Continually getting the odds advantage will generate profits. 

Watch our video guide on how to get the best out of Rebelbetting from this link.

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