Betting secrets revealed – Get more out of Winning Accounts (Professional gambler Series). Ready to start your journey?

If anyone tells you that you can’t win at betting, they are wrong! However, professional gamblers face a number of challenges, and that is what we are covering in this Video/Tutorial.



It is no secret, that the majority of bookmakers are spineless! If you are winning, risk managers won’t hesitate to limit your betting account. Your job as a professional punter is to extract as much money out of the bastards as possible!

Over the course of this tutorial we are going to cover the following:

Profiling of customers

Stake factoring (Bookmaker actions)

Best Solution – Circumvent, or slow down the restriction process.


Before we get into the subject, take on board that not all bookmakers are created equal. However, most operators will use the following practices.

Typically, after around five to ten bets, risk managers will review the customers betting activity. If it looks like being bad business for the bookmaker, limits are applied to the account. 

Here are factors bookmakers consider:

Is the account in profit – If the answer is yes, it will trigger a more in-depth review.

Advantage player – Arbitrage, best odds, or value bets come to mind. 

Using tipsters – People who are buying-in tips tend to bet at the same time. Herd betting increases liability!

Betting activity – Singles vs multiples. In-play vs Pre-match. Placing just single bets suggests the customer could be a professional gambler.

Targeting – Placing single bets. Or, targeting a certain league/sport. Does the customer have advantage information? 

Demographics – If you live in the US or UK, betting Romania 3rd league isn’t a good idea. After all, it triggers why are they betting on such a sport?

East European – Have a reputation for betting fixed matches. It’s also the same in Mediterranean countries such as Turkey and Greece.

Latency cheating – In-play betting cheats, such as Court-siding (tennis). In short, they are ahead of the system, and they need to slow down!

Betting niche markets – As the punter found a loophole.

Odds Sensitive – Affiliate type, customers coming from Odds comparison, or advantage portals. For example,  Oddschecker, Odds portal, matched betting, Arbitrage, or value betting sites.

Early bets – Betting days in advance before markets settle. While limits are already lower, they will wonder why the bet was made early. 

Odds advantage achieved – Those beating the closing line are classed as a danger.

Staking variations – You won’t be kidding anyone by playing a load of small bets before increasing stakes significantly.

Female accounts – It’s a fact, that just 7% of betting accounts belong to the fairer sex. Moreover, chances are half of them are secondary!

Using E-Wallets – Preferred for gnome and advantage players. While it will depend on the country, just be aware that these accounts get flagged.

Crossover – Bookmakers want to see mug punters! Using casinos/ and taking their stupid low-value offers could sell them a dummy.

Allowing cookies – is a tricky choice! If you don’t accept, they will wonder why. If you do, Snare software reveals browser activity. Alternative, clean out cookies, then accept, or use another IP for betting!

Same bets from different accounts – Simultaneous betting! I mentioned tipsters bets going on at the same time, it’s the same for people betting across multiple accounts with the same bookie.

Account-holders’ job – It’s an issue with modern-day screening. Being a higher-earning City Broker is a good reason for placing bigger bets, being a cleaning lady isn’t!

Social media usage – Be careful with what’s attached to your name. Think it through, use an alias or stay away from Facebook/Twitter with betting!

PS – Did you know? Under data laws, you are allowed to ask the bookmakers what information they hold on you!


The bigger the sport, the bigger the betting limits!

For example, EPL, Italy Serie A, Spain La Liga, Champions League and German Bundesliga fit into that category. With American sports, NFL, and NBA come out on top. The other factor is bet type, with Handicaps, Totals, and Outrights preferred to sides or other special bets.

On top of that, there are individual limits. For example, new accounts start with factor 1:00 (100%). That means if the limit on a game is $1000, that account (*1) can place a bet of upto $1000.

Meanwhile, badly limited accounts might have a factor of 0.01 (1%). In this instance, the maximum bet would be a lowly $10.

At the other end of the scale, high-value (to the bookmaker) accounts have a factor of 10.0 (*10) which allows a maximum bet of $10,000.

Consequently, in the same game, the heavily limited account can bet $10, compared to the high-value account $10,000. The more you lose, the more you can bet!!

Stake factoring table

0.01 Bots/arbers/IP detected – Those using bots or are detected playing arbs are limited to 1% stakes.

0.05 Hot – If you are a face (known), chances are you will be restricted to 5%.

0.1 Successful – Those beating the book are often used as a marker, albeit they will be restricted to 10% limits. If the professional accepts, this is a cheap way for the bookmaker to be informed.

0.2 E-wallet users – These payment processors are often associated with gnome accounts/pro gamblers. While it could depend on your country, these accounts are often limited to around 20%.

0.3 Following tipsters – Herd betting equals bigger liabilities for bookmakers. Once it’s noted that you are betting the same as everyone else, expect to be limited at 30%.

0.4 Price sensitive – Clicking through Oddschecker, Oddsportal, or advantage betting software informs the bookmaker of intention.

0.5 Singles only – Bookmakers prefer mug punters who bet multiples. Irrelevant to success, people betting singles only are often limited to 50%

1.0 New accounts – Start with a clean slate. This is the getting to know your customer period!

1.5 Chasing – Bookies love gamblers who chase. Don’t believe what you read about addiction and customer protection.

2.0 VIP – Those losing regular are likely to be offered bigger limits. In fact, lose enough and they get invited to VIP nights out.

5.0 High-Value account – Proven losers are a bookmaker’s best friend. Limits are raised to help them lose even more.

20.0 High net worth VIP – For example, Some top Football players are known to give a big portion of their salary to bookmakers.


The solution depends on a number of factors, here are some alternatives.

Asian facing Betting brokers – Most opinionated professional gamblers bet in Asia. Either get a betting broker to place bets, or have numbered accounts at the ready.

Multiple bookmakers (Asian) bet placing platforms – Many betting agents have platforms where you can bet at the best odds with participating bookmakers. By using the likes of Mollybet, it is possible to bet with bookmakers at the best-algamated odds.

Betting exchanges – Professional gamblers can negotiate lower commission rates with betting exchanges. Those with high turnover can get lower rates than advertised. If you fit into this bracket, ask for the Premium account manager.

Betting shops – Using bet placers is a tactic we use for horse racing. For those who want, it can be applied to other sports and works best in upmarket (high turnover) shops.

Leisure bookmakers – Know your bookmaker, learn what to expect from each and exploit weaknesses.

Slow boat – Let the account settle in, and get it rated by the risk manager before raising your game.

Play the game – If you have financial resources, spend the first weeks taking every ‘’special bet’’ offered. Bookies love to see clients bet high juice bullshit. An example of such is Kane to score, Tottenham to win, and over 2.5 goals at odds of 4.50 (Enhanced 5.00) – let them think you fell for it! When offered 10 free spins of the slot machine, take it and lose another fiver on top. Play a little casino with a few quid. Build leverage!!

Blitzkrieg – Some online sports bookmakers are so bad, that it’s better to attack from the first moment. Paddy Power and 888bet come to mind.

Gnomes – Look for 3rd party accounts, especially those that don’t normally bet. Use a dedicated IP or Team Viewer to disguise your IP. Warning, do not use a VPN, or your own IP.

Migrate to another country – In fact, you don’t need to migrate to have a presence in another country. Find partners, there are some countries which are more gaming-friendly.

Stick with top leagues/sports. The liquidity is better, meaning limits are higher and bookmakers will be happy to take reasonable size bets.

Avoid making withdrawals – Once you ask for a payout, your account will be checked by a risk manager.

In-play betting – It’s harder to detect advantage players. In fact, if you are winning, bookmakers will slow the bet taking down from say 3 to 7 seconds. The limits come further down the line!


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