Big Profit sports Betting Strategy Made Simple (Using RebelBetting). In this Video/Tutorial, I will show you how to use simple software to help you profit from betting. The software is REBELBETTING, and you can get a 50% discount by clicking here.


The object of the exercise is to put the betting odds in your favour. Typically, bookmakers make money by adding a margin (juice). For example, the real odds of landing on either side of a coin are 2.0 & 2.0. Whereas, bookmakers profit by offering odds of 1.90 & 1.90. 

However, what if I told you it is possible to get odds of 2.10 & 2.10. Hopefully, you can understand how the advantage is reversed?

Watch the video, or read this tutorial for my advice on:

The Best Settings

The bet Types you should be making.

Staking plan

How to choose bookmakers for maximum value.

You will see results from testing the system.


My advice – Sign up from this Rebelbetting link, and get yourself two weeks for free.

During that time, you can paper trail (log bets), and learn how to get the most out of this easy to use platform.

If you sign up using the banner link, feel free to ask us any questions.



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These are the two options, Value betting and Sure betting (Arbitrage). We are more interested in value betting. In the long-term, it will bring bigger profits, and it is easier because you only need to bet on one option. Furthermore, you are not giving value back, and you can make it work with fewer betting accounts. (image)

Rebelbetting claims to scan around 1 million bets per minute, and it’s that which makes it a viable tool. Moreover, they are so confident of success, that they give users a guarantee. 

At the bottom of the page, click on bookmakers to see which ones are available. Also, you can get the list of bookmakers available for each country by clicking the link here. At the time of writing, the UK, USA, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Greece, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Brazil, Belgium, Nigeria, Ireland, and France are covered. 


Once you are logged in to value betting, go to the options. This is the part where you can make your settings.

Whether you decide to fill out the who system is a personal choice. For me, the current and starting bankroll have no relevance, and nor does use the Staking size. Hence, I decided on flat staking of €50 per bet.

The most important part here is setting ‘’bets to show’’ at 20, that’s the maximum. Also, I want ‘’sort bets’’ to have the highest value at the top!!



Start by adding the bookmakers you want to track, these are the ones you can access from your location. If you are doing a test run without betting, add all those you can get accounts with. By doing so, you can see which ones have the highest value bets and track your performance. Following the test phase, open accounts and attack!!

The default value percentage is 2% minimum and 20% maximum. Whereas, I would suggest starting with 4% and 25%. 

With regards to the odds, default settings are 1.40 to 2.90. I chose to set the bar a bit higher at 1.60 to 3.30. My reasoning, I’ve demanded a higher minimum value percentage. Take note, EV (expected value) is easier to identify at shorter odds, thus I capped it at 3.30.

Finally, for the time to match start, you need to think about the balance of your betting accounts. If you are playing with a small opening bank, don’t tie your money up by betting too far in advance. 



At the top is the name of individual bookmakers that you picked at the beginning. If you need to add or remove an account, go to add bookmaker.

Choose your currency for each individual bookmaker. At this level, the rounding part isn’t overly important. Hopefully, you are not paying betting tax on bets, otherwise, it will become difficult to win.

The most important part of this section is choosing your bookmakers domain. That will often depend on your country, and it should reflect the account where money is deposited.


This is where you can set your time zone, and choose your odds format. As you can see, my preference is decimal, the other options are fraction and Moneyline (US). In this section, you get to see what type of account you have and its expiry date.


Now is the time to consider the betting opportunities being found by the crawler!

expected value

If you think back to the settings, we set the highest EV (expected value) bets to appear at the top. As you can see, the percentage is in descending order.

This part is important, do not bet on low liquidity sports. Betting accounts get closed if you are betting rubbish!

In this box, you get to see the actual bet, the name of the bookmaker, and how long it is until the match starts. 

Click the bet so a box opens, and once you have made the bet ‘’log it’’. By doing this the bet is recorded in your tracker. If you want to change the stake/odds you took, do it before hitting the log button.

TIP – Do not place the bet through a site link, bookmakers might be able to track what you are doing. Make sure you are logged in to the bookmaker account direct. Furthermore, I would also be apprehensive about signing up for bookmaker accounts through site links. With that said, exchanges (Betfair & Matchbook) and brokers (Betinasia & Sportmarket) should be fine.

STOP PRESS – In our next video, we are going to show you how to get the most out of betting accounts.


Here you get to see the results of the bets you logged, and your total balance. The important part is checking results are correct, and having an overview of the account. Since it’s easy to read, i won’t baby talk it!!

At the bottom of the tracker, click your betting report. It shows are your bets compare with expected EV, and performance with individual bookmakers. For those interested in close evaluation, it is possible to see how you performed in different sports, and market types. 


Bet sample size – You need at least 500 bets in the system before you can form a proper opinion. Think of the coin toss, 10 flips guarantee nothing but 1000 will give an accurate reflection.

Betting accounts – Do not ask for payment until they are limited or closed, use your reserve fund for reloading. The last thing you want is to alert bookmakers of your success.

Make bigger bets on top sports, especially when they have a higher EV. US sport, top league football, and major tennis tournaments come to mind. 

Be logged in to your betting accounts. Get more monitors, and make it easy to place bets at speed.

Think of paying for software like going to a buffet. If you are hungry and eat a lot, it’s a great value. If you are full (lazy), this type of betting isn’t for you!

Take every advantage possible, whether that be a bonus or free bets.


If you constantly get the odds in your favour, you will make money from betting!


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