Gubbed betting accounts

Solutions for Gubbed & Closed Betting Accounts. Winning is easy, getting money down isn’t! Indeed, even low-level winners are used to getting gubbed (limited).


Bookmakers do not like winners! These billion-dollar sports betting companies were founded on the principle of fleecing no-knowledge punters. In this Tutorial/video, I will take you through alternatives, and propose solutions!


Professional Sports Bettors have long been using Asian Betting Agents/Brokers. In fact, in some parts of the world, it’s the only way to bet!

Betting Agents can best be described as affiliates. In short, they facilitate client bets with Sportsbooks. In return, the agents/brokers receive a commission.

The difference between a traditional affiliate and this method is the client base belongs to the agent. In this instance, the client’s identity is not known by the bookmaker!

For the record, agents are responsible for all financial transactions with both the client and the sportsbook. And, the Commission is based on either profit share or turnover. 

Turnover commission tends to range from 0.2% to 0.6%. Albeit, some agents/brokers are stealing a pip (Class B odds) from the odds being offered by the sportsbook.

In the case of position-taking, agents are usually asked to hold between 40-60% of the bet. However, in cases where the agent isn’t wanting to take the risk, accounts are limited proportionally.

For example, if the participation agreement is based on a 50/50% split, and the Maximum stake is €2000, the client limit is €1000.

Sportsbooks using Agent/broker services include Pinnacle Sports, SBO, ISN, Singbet, Maxbet, Penta88, and a few more. Betting Exchanges such as Betfair (Orbitx), Matchbook, Betdaq & Citibet are also available. 



+ Single Wallet Solution: Your funds are sent to the betting agent, and from then on you decide which accounts you want to load. The advantage of this system is you can take money from accounts, and transfer it to another. In most cases, this transaction only takes a few minutes. 

+ Bet Originators Paradise: The majority of high-profile sports betting professionals/syndicates find their own (originator) bets. They are competent enough to beat the market on their own backs, and they don’t need soft bookmakers to succeed. In short, originators’ requirements are low margin (vig) and high volume ($), and they get that through agents!

+ Betting Platforms: Most online agents offer customers an all-in-one betting platform, and in some cases, you get a choice. Basically, bookmaker/Exchange odds are fed into the platform, and clients can take the highest offer without shopping around. Suffice it to say, this is a super efficient way to squeeze the betting juice and put the odds in your favor. To name but a few, QBO (Quick betting order), 3ET (Matchbook owner), Mollybet Black (best known), and Vodds (Eastbridge) come to mind!

+ Direct Sports Book Accounts: For betting clients who prefer to bet with bookmakers directly, that service is another option. Consequently, the customer chooses the amount and the agent will upload the ready funds. 

Skype & Telegram Broker Service

+ Skype & Telegram Broker Service: For higher staking customers, it is possible to place a bet order through Skype/Telegram. No logging into the client account is required because this is all done for you. However, if you are using this service, make sure your broker is offering full odds! PS – High-profile customers will be able to leave a request for higher odds, and if it’s reached the broker will confirm the bet is placed. 

+ KYC Simplified: When requesting a payout, soft Sports Books have a reputation for putting their clients through hell. Asking for loads of documentation is just one aspect because now they are asking for copies of bank statements and more. With agent accounts, once they are satisfied that your ID and proof of address are correct – nothing stands in the way!

+ Rebates: As mentioned during the introduction, agents often earn commission on turnover. For those betting high-volume, some agents will offer to share the commission. While it might not sound like much, the 0.1 to 0.3% will affect a big hitter’s bottom line. 

+ Suits High Volume Players: This type of betting is not for the five & dimers! While stake demands have been lowered over the years, these are single bets and higher stakes are more normal!

– Odds snipping/costs: While most Betting Agents don’t charge customers any fees, they have been known to snip the odds. For example, a look at Odds Portal reveals that Betinasia is snipping a point from the Pinnacle line! And, while Sportsmarket is more fair in that aspect, they charge fees for certain services. 

– One Free payout per month: Betting agents are working with small margins, and the last thing they need is high processing charges. To lower these costs, some will limit clients to one free payout per month. Those asking for an additional payout are often charged the transaction cost.

– Not For The Novice: If you are new to betting, stay away from this type of service. After all, it takes some understanding, and it’s not the same as using a soft book. 

* Get in touch for a list of dependable recommended agents/brokers, and those you should avoid. 



Betfair is the best-known betting exchange, but there are others. For those in the UK, Betdaq, Matchbook, and Smarkets are alternatives. Since these exchanges are the underdogs, they tend to incentivize through lower commission structures. 

For those looking for something a bit more exotic and with high volume, check out Citibet. This Asian-facing exchange is available through agents!

+ Ideal For Traders: For those ready to buy and sell odds all day, the Betfair Exchange is of particular interest. Indeed, those trading several thousand on an event will only be charged a commission on the actual profit.

EV betting - Oddsjam

+ EV Bettors Can Profit: Some odds tend to hang on the early market. And, when sharp bookmakers enter the market, value is available. The downside is low liquidity, and the hedge is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, for those persistent enough, a small profit 

+ No Crying Bookmakers: For those wanting a peaceful life, peer-to-peer betting beats dealing with the softs. Betting exchanges are only interested in a commission for facilitating the bet!

– Lack Of Betting Opportunities: For high-profile sports and the bigger leagues, betting options will have some liquidity. However, it can be low, and the odds offered are less competitive. On the secondary tier sports and lower leagues, betting exchanges are useless for this form of betting. 

– Early Liquidity Is Dead: Most of the betting action takes place within 15 minutes of the start, and it’s even less for racing. By that stage, the market is set and it will be hard to obtain big value. 

Tip – If you have a high $ volume, contact the VIP manager and negotiate a lower commission rate. Take into consideration, that bettors will be preferred over traders.

Networking with gnome accounts


Hundreds of thousands of 3rd-party betting accounts are opened each year. We know groups using multiple accounts, and some are placing thousands of bets per day.

For this form of advantage-taking, little betting knowledge is required. Here are the considerations:

+ Multiple Accounts: As mentioned, it’s a numbers game. Since the extraction process never changes, it’s about getting into a routine. To cut a long story short, many people are ready to become gnomes for a price.

+ Betting Volume: While soft books have a reputation for low limits, they can be circumvented with multiple betting accounts. By following the process and doing things right, it’s easy to take advantage of most sports books.

+ Other Countries: The majority of people are naive, in that they think betting is the same in every country. It’s not, and some places are easier than others. With the right set-up, having accounts in other countries is highly lucrative.

Rebelbetting software

+ EV & Advantage Players: As mentioned, little betting knowledge is required. Simply sign up to the Oddsjam or Rebelbetting software and receive thousands of positive EV bets per day.   

+ Network: We did a YouTube video on how to Network, and we will link it here. Consider building a network as an investment, and you will get what you put in! Alternatively, join our Mentorship program (cost)!

Takes Trust: When dealing with people you don’t know, it’s important to minimize risk. On the other hand, finding the right people and proving your own value should be doable. 

– Account loading: Getting the accounts is one thing, but loading them can be more complicated. Do your homework and stay ahead of the game!

– Technology: Please note, that using a standard VPN isn’t enough. They can be detected, and you need to look beyond the obvious. Having the proper structure in place can be the difference between getting paid or not!

– Costs: To Scale investment will be needed. Think it through, payment to the gnome, account funding, technology, and others won’t come cheap. 

My advice is to keep it legal. If necessary, get others to sign agreements. Obtain a lawyer’s opinion, and structure properly. 



Within a betting network, it should be possible to find people willing to participate. An originator can have others place bets on their behalf, and vice-versa.

If you plan on using this method, make sure your partners are discreet and playing within the rules.

PS – When paying runners to place bets on your behalf, the last thing you want is them telling everyone. Be wary, people are not always what they seem!

+Works Both Ways: It’s a partnership, and everyone involved needs to be incentivized. Think it through and make sure everyone is happy with the deal before starting. Put it on paper if necessary, and do not deal with those who are simply taking advantage.

+Betting Shops/Terminals: One of the best ways to get money down undetected is in betting shops. For this purpose, look for busy shops in which it is easy to integrate. If you need to get big money down, look towards high-income areas. An example is the Financial Center (square mile) in London. Big banker salaries are the norm, thus bookmakers are used to punters playing with higher stakes.

+ Use Network: The best way to find people is through your network. A recommendation is more likely to be reliable, and trust is the biggest factor. If you don’t know the person, ask for a reference and follow up.

+Opened Accounts: Another option would be to get others with opened accounts to place bets on your behalf. If you know of losing account holders, it should be easy for them to bet without too many restrictions. VIP accounts are particularly interesting because the stakes that can be placed are higher.

+No IP/Tech issues: One of the major advantages of others placing bets is no trace. That means, no worries about IP detection or having to pay for technology to cover your tracks.

+UK Betfair accounts: Agents and Brokers charge Betfair accounts at 3%. In many countries, the same Exchange is charging customers 5%. However, In the UK, even the village idiot can get the same account at 2%. I am just saying, that when searching for solutions, think outside the box! As a UK resident, some opinionated punters would be happy to get offered such a service.



One of the most successful punters ever, Zeljko Ranogajec, made massive money from obtaining rebates. As a matter of fact, during his heyday, the Tasmanian and his team were responsible for 6-8% of the TabCorp $10 Billion Annual Turnover.

During the early days of Betfair, His betting is believed to have accounted for one-third of the company’s Australian operations. To cut a long story short, many professional horse racing gamblers work with rebates from Totalisators.

Hong Kong – All losing bets of HK$10,000 or above placed on designated pools are eligible to receive a rebate of the prescribed percentage. In the case of win/place, the rebate is 10%. As for Quinella win/place, the rebate is 12%. Also, for overseas racing, 6% is returned on losing tickets!

US & Australia – Many bookmakers offer rebates on direct pool betting. In effect, they are splitting commissions with customers. And, for those with more ambition, strike a deal with the track!

Turnover – Anyone with a big turnover can strike a deal with betting operators. Take it from me, I’ve done it and anyone of substance can do the same.


As mentioned in the video, we are offering a mentorship program to qualifying applicants. Details of the offer can be found here.

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