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You will win if you follow this easy strategy. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Seriously, it couldn’t be simpler!


We need to cover some basics before we get started.


Lazy by nature – Business won’t function if a lazy person is in charge, and it’s the same with professional betting. 

Lack of discipline – If you are compulsive by nature, stay away from gambling. The fact is you won’t always win, and chasing losses suits the bookmaker. 

Emotional people –  In betting, you will have both good and bad luck. Emotional gamblers only remember the bad. If you are not pragmatic enough, stay away.

Not financially secure – It is important to have a separate betting bank. If you can’t put the money aside for betting, it will be a struggle. In short, keep business and day-to-day life separate.

Not able to supply KYC – It is inevitable that Betting companies will ask for proof of ID. If you can’t provide positive identification and proof of address they won’t pay.


It takes time & effort – The more effort you put in! the more you get out! Placing a handful of bets every day doesn’t constitute a hard day at the office. If you are determined to get ahead, be proactive.

Understand, it is a numbers game – Churn and earn is the message! Making 5 bets per day with 100 points staked on each @+5% is 25 profit. Fifty bets at the same are 250 profit.

its all about the maths

It’s all about the maths (EV) – We are reverse-engineering the bookmaker’s advantage. The software will find positive EV (expected value) bets with various bookmakers. In this video (link), you can learn how to use Valuebetting software.

Jurisdiction dependent – It doesn’t matter where you are in the world! If you have access to online betting companies, taking advantage is easy. Nevertheless, it’s not one size fits all, meaning it is important to adjust to individual circumstances. 

Your only job is to extract profit – Bookmakers are your enemy! They are out to take your hard-earned money. We say screw betting companies, and we are only interested in helping you become a profitable gambler.

Bookmakers don’t like winners – When bookies see customers winning, they limit and close betting accounts. In an up and coming tutorial, we are going to show how it’s possible to extract profits for longer.


Money management

Create a betting bank – To get started create a separate betting bank. This is your betting money, so don’t mix it with private money. Being disciplined and doing things right will create wealth.

Deposit half in betting accounts – When you have created a betting bank, deposit half in bookmaker accounts. For example, those starting with $2000 should deposit $1000. Starting with 10 Sportsbooks would mean 100 could be deposited with each.

Reloading reserve fund – Some accounts will win, while others will be wiped out. The reserve fund is for reloading accounts that need funds. Later in this tutorial, we explain why you can’t take money from winning accounts!

Staking plan – Your staking plan will depend on a number of factors. We will cover this in a later blog, but for now, you need to think it through.


Sign up for Value Betting software – You can google offers. The software should cover bookmakers that you can legally access.  

Rebelbetting software – By clicking the link (here), you can get an exclusive 50% discount at Rebelbetting. This is a Swedish company that we recommend for starters to value betting.

Research the list of bookmakers – Once you have signed up to Rebelbetting, start looking through the list of bookmakers. Add the ones you can readily access, and paper trail the results. this should work as a viability check!

Look for value – After a couple of days of watching and trialling, you should see betting patterns. In short, you are looking for Sportbooks that offer the highest value. As you gain understanding, it will all become easier.

Warning – Do not join bookmakers through links supplied by value betting software. Furthermore, avoid accessing bookmakers from the same. The reason, is you are telling them what you are doing!


Start with circa 10 bookies – Ten bookmakers is a good starting number because it should be possible to keep control. Once you are signed up, stay logged in to each account for fast access. Keep in mind, that value betting is time-sensitive (fast).

Search best bonus offer on each – In the past, one affiliate link would offer a $100 bonus, while another would have $200 with the same betting platform. Nowadays, these offers are more aligned. Nevertheless, it doesn#t cost anything to shop around.  

Deposit 50% of the betting bank – As previously mentioned, deposit half your betting funds with bookmakers. Make sure you get the maximum first-time deposit bonus.

Bet positive EV or Arbitrage bets – The choice is yours. Bet positive EV (expected value), or go for sure bets (Arbitrage). While I recommend the first as being the better option, those who don’t want risk should stick with arbs! 

How to use Value betting – In order to optimise, in this video here, you can learn how to use the Rebelbetting platform.


Paying for software is like going to a buffet – There is no point in going to a buffet if you are not hungry. When you pay for Value Betting Software, it’s the same price if you use it for 1 hour or 300 hours per month. Hence, make it work for your pocket. 

Don’t ask for a bookmaker payout until the account is limited – When asking for a payout from a winning account, risk managers will be alerted. If they believe the account will be long-term profitable, they will restrict your betting limits.

Use reserve funds for reloading losing accounts – When an account is closed or limited, you can ask for payment. This money can be added to your balance, which in turn is available for new accounts and reloading losing ones.

Make sure you have KYC documents ready – While the UK gambling commission states that betting companies shouldn’t be asking for more documentation at payout, they often do! Be prepared for all eventualities, and have your docs ready.

Have your next bookie prepared – When one account is closed, the next should be opened. The message is simple, keep the show on the road! Also – Start thinking about how you can get more accounts with the same bookies.

Pay attention to US sports – You will find great value bets on US sports. Bookmakers have diverse opinions, and this creates odds of divergence. Moreover, high liquidity means it’s possible to get bigger stakes, and betting juice is favourable. 

Inevitable – Winning accounts get limited/closed. While betting in Asia and on Exchanges is different, soft Sportbooks are just that. Be pragmatic, take the money and run!


Grab a 2% Betfair account – Most betting professionals have a 2% (or lower) Betfair account. With higher liquidity sports, you can find plenty of value. 

Incorporate shops/terminals – One way of staying below the radar is to bet in shops, or on terminals. No names are attached to betting slips, and in upmarket areas, it’s possible to get bigger bets covered.

Go each-way thieving – This is a simple trick with horse racing. When the place odds are favourable, you are getting massive value. Google it!

Look further afield – How can you get to Sportsbooks that are usually out of reach? Consider what options are available, and broaden your reach.

Consider 3rd party accounts – People who provide them are called gnomes. In short, it’s paying someone for the right to bet under their name. The basis for this relationship is the gnome provides a set of IDs and everyone benefits.


Widen your network – Proximity test, surround yourself with the right people and do business deals that are mutually beneficial. 

Incorporate opinion betting – Learn to beat the bookmaker through superior knowledge. This might mean paying others for picks or finding them yourself.

Sports betting algorithms

Invest in the right tools – Money buys freedom and superior tools! By getting the right system in place, it’s possible to optimise any betting operation. 

Use sports modelling – If you are into the science of betting, efficient sports modelling will increase opportunities.

Asian betting – Bigger limits! Ultra competitive prices, albeit not much for odds thieves! Easy to get on! Less a chance of being banned! Use betting brokers, and bet placers! Best for opinion betting!

Structure business – Do a legal (consultancy) setup! Employ people to share the workload, and add knowledge. Consider the best location, and how to get profits back into the system.


Experience is not necessary – Get started, sign up to REBELBETTING for an easy way to get ahead. While knowledge is required for the big stuff, it’s not needed for EV betting.

Do things right and you will win – Self-explanatory! Betting is all about having the right mindset! It’s still possible to take advantage!

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