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The primary aim of Betting-Analyst is to educate and teach people how to become successful gamblers. Whether you are looking for an extra side hustle or want to be a full-time pro, we have something for everyone!

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Premium Racing Service

We send out between 100-170 (seasonal) Racing Tips per month. Over the past 8 years, our average ROI (Return on investment) is 17-18%. Betting £100 level stakes at easily obtained odds returns around £30K profit per year. In 2022, we ended the campaign with an ROI of 18.12%.

For the record, the average odds of our racing winners was around 9/2. Clients who place the occasional multiple (Yankee etc.) bets have been known to hit the Jackpot. In fact, one of them won in excess of 150K for a £ 52-pound stake. At double the price, this service would still be great value!

Premium Football Service

Depending on the time of the year, we expect to send out 100-170 betting tips per month. All picks are on high liquidity leagues, and clients need to understand Asian handicaps. Over the past 8 years, at easy-to-get odds, these picks produced an annual return of between 75-140%.

We cover the top Leagues/Cups from England (Premier/Championship/cup). Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Scotland, USA, Finland, Norway, Sweden & Denmark. Plus, Champions League, Europa League/Conference, and International matches.

Premium WTA Tennis Service

Our Tennis advisory team specializes in WTA. While it takes more understanding than the men’s game, the potential to make higher profits is undebatable. Typically speaking, we recommend 900-1000 bets per season with an average ROI of between 7-10%.

As a general rule, we concentrate on WTA250 and above. By focusing on better tournaments, our clients are able to get more liquidity. We are forced by common sense to limit the number of subscribers, and we screen before accepting. Get the annual package & start betting like a pro.

Betting Coach


It is your duty to win at betting! Are you ready to take advantage of this great opportunity?

If the answer is yes, our one-on-one coaching can help you become a big winner. It doesn’t matter whether you are an intelligent beginner or a seasoned professional. You will benefit from our superior knowledge.

With over 30 years of experience at the top level of betting, you will be learning from a highly respected professional gambler. It needs to be said that you won’t find anyone of equal knowledge offering such a service.

Coaching and mentoring programs are individualized toward the client’s needs. Be assured, that the course is not a one-size-fits-all course, and you won’t be the recipient of a regurgitated blueprint!

Take note, I will need to understand the client’s needs. If you are interested in learning from the very best, please include a cover note which details:

  • Your Level
  • Location
  • Financial ability
  • Time allocated for betting
  • Ambition

While we do a lot for free, individual coaching is fee-based. Reasonable people expect to pay for services, and we share that opinion.

For those on a limited budget, use our Free Tutorials and join our Youtube Channel.

Ready to make your best investment ever?

Betting Consultancy Service

As a long-established Betting & Gaming professional and former bookmaker, I have advised clients on a number of related matters. For the individual, I have shown the path from a no-knowledge gambler to making 100k+ per month and much more.

Would you benefit from an encyclopedia of knowledge? Is there something you don’t understand or do you need guidance from a professional? This Fee-based service is for the individual who has a specific question or who is liking for guidance. Get in touch with your inquiry.


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Premium Services


per month
  • 120 - 160 tips per month
  • 30 k + Annual (100 stakes)
  • 17-18% ROI (per bet)
  • Play the long game


Monthly Fee
  • Top Tier - High liquidity only
  • 100 - 170 Tips per month
  • Asian handicap betting
  • Annual return 75 - 140%


Full month
  • High liquidity tournaments
  • Ca. 100 tips per month
  • 7 - 12% ROI expected
  • Get in touch


price on application
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Personalised to you
  • All levels accepted


1 hour consultation
100 £
  • Answer your questions
  • Professional guidance
  • Personalised

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