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The primary aim of Betting-Analyst is to educate and teach people how to become successful gamblers. Whether you are looking for an extra side hustle or want to be a full-time pro, we have something for everyone!

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YouTube Betting Tutorials

Join the Betting-Analyst Sportsbetting University on YouTube for free! While most professional gamblers keep their secrets, we share ours. Learn from a highly respected betting expert—simply subscribe to our channel and follow the program.

With dedication, you can become very wealthy from sports betting. I’ll guide you from beginner to professional, teaching you how to profit at every level. Currently, we have around 80 videos available, with many more coming in the months ahead. Are you ready to become a winner?

Our video tutorials cover everything from basic value betting to becoming an originator. You’ll gain a better understanding of odds and learn how to outsmart greedy sportsbooks. No matter where you live, there’s something for everyone. 

The biggest challenge to winning is mindset. Most people fail due to a lack of follow-through, but you don’t have to be one of them. Treat betting like a business, and you’ll soon be beating the system. Ready to learn and compete with the best? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Mentorship Programme

Experience a personalized mentorship program led by a seasoned professional with 30 years of betting success. Each aspect is designed to elevate your betting game through the five pillars of everyday mentorship: interest, investment, involvement, inculcation, and inspiration!

What’s Included:

  • Mentorship Program: Personalized guidance from a seasoned professional with 30 years of success.
  • Advice: Tailored methods for extracting money from sports betting, with 5-day support via Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
  • Solution Finding: Deep knowledge base to help with your betting needs.
  • Networking: I am well-connected and happy to put mutually beneficial deals together.
  • Coaching: Learn new betting methodologies from easy to advanced (sports-modeling)
  • Understanding: I know the betting business inside and out, acquire knowledge! 
  • Technology: I will advise on technology & help you with understanding.
  • Weekly Catch-up: Your success is my priority.

Ready to Find Out What’s in the Box? To become a member, submit a cover note detailing your residency, knowledge level, current status, extraction process, and success. Express what you aim to gain from our mentorship program. Preference is given to proven individuals who are ready for the next level

Final Note: Considering the extensive knowledge base and massive network, the annual fee of £2000 should be seen as a sign of goodwill rather than a cost. 

Apply now and become part of an exclusive community dedicated to mastering the art of sports betting.

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Betting Coach


It is your duty to win at betting! Are you ready to take advantage of this great opportunity?

If the answer is yes, our one-on-one coaching can help you become a big winner. It doesn’t matter whether you are an intelligent beginner or a seasoned professional. You will benefit from our superior knowledge.

With over 30 years of experience at the top level of betting, you will be learning from a highly respected professional gambler. It needs to be said that you won’t find anyone of equal knowledge offering such a service.

Coaching and mentoring programs are individualized toward the client’s needs. Be assured, that the course is not a one-size-fits-all course, and you won’t be the recipient of a regurgitated blueprint!

Take note, I will need to understand the client’s needs. If you are interested in learning from the very best, please include a cover note which details:

  • Your Level
  • Location
  • Financial ability
  • Time allocated for betting
  • Ambition

While we do a lot for free, individual coaching is fee-based. Reasonable people expect to pay for services, and we share that opinion.

For those on a limited budget, use our Free Tutorials and join our Youtube Channel.

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Betting Consultancy Service

Trusted Betting & Gaming Consultant with Global Expertise

Introduction: With a rich history as a seasoned Betting & Gaming professional, I’ve been a trusted advisor to clients and their representatives, offering comprehensive insights into various facets of the Betting & Gaming industry.

Credentials: I proudly hold the distinction of being the first individual to secure betting licenses in both Malta and Gibraltar. My expertise extends to advising government authorities, securing client licenses across 15 different countries, and contributing to successful projects involving the sales and acquisitions of renowned brands.

Diverse Portfolio: My involvement goes beyond licensing, encompassing structuring companies and identifying banking/payment solutions for offshore operators. Notably, I’ve provided guidance to start-ups that have evolved into billion-dollar enterprises and consulted with two of the world’s top five largest law firms.

Solution-Oriented Approach: If you’re seeking solutions for your Betting & Gaming business, look no further. I bring a wealth of experience to the table, and my top references attest to my proven track record.

Get in Touch: For personalized consultation and expert guidance tailored to your specific needs, contact me today. Let’s elevate your Betting & Gaming business to new heights.




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Premium Services


  • Individuals Only
  • Solution Finding
  • Growth Advisor
  • Technology


Fixed Fee
  • Structuring
  • Licensing
  • Technology
  • Sports Modelling


Year (Limited numbers)
  • Ongoing Betting Education
  • Solution finding
  • Networking Benefit
  • Full Support System


Depends on assignment
  • Acquisitions/Sales
  • Licensing/Software
  • Top References provided


1 hour consultation
  • Answer your questions
  • Professional guidance
  • Individuals only

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